Monday, November 16, 2015

Superwoman am i

Today I am super woman..

To have attended to your tears a million times Godspeed. To have fought aches - back, neck to heart; and continued to teach you "Twinkle Twinkle" with action so that I could rejoice every time you showed the Twinkling stars with your teeny tiny 9 month old fingers. When I quit papaya and pineapple like a weed-smoker with nervous palsy so that you could fill the room as a 6 month foetus. To have craved for food - with ugly calories but denied so that you could be a little superwoman. To have counted and written and rewritten all the words that you could comprehend or talk. To look at awe when you finish my "one, two.." with a three. To see you in the evenings saying 'Amma' in a singsong fashion.

Do heroes mean wearing capes, saving pretty lasses with prettier eye-lashes? I haven't done any of that but I feel like a super woman today my child.

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