Saturday, May 27, 2017

Baby Chakra - The Parents Peer talk

Okay did I forget to tell you. I had attended Baby Chakras Exclusive Mommy's meet on 17th May @ Hyatt and it was wonderful to be in a beautiful  gathering of mothers of all ages with babies of all adorable sizes discussing parenting - the only thing I love to do these days discussing "being a parent and what's best for my child"

The highlights of the event, let me sum up, so that just in case you have an opportunity to attend this event in your city next time you'll kill for it.

- We discussed the pros and cons of age old practices like massages to babies - mailsh, oils and how a thin oil which does not permeate the baby's skin is the best
- We discussed about lotions, washes and also about approved baby fragrances which we can pick for the babies.
- We discussed about the mammoths task of a parent - dealing with washing hoards of clothing which nobody knows how babies bring into the washing machine on a daily basis!
- We touched base on how J & J has products aligning to the three points mentioned above. The J & J advisor effortlessly addressed a lot of our questions including the legal issues​ and also made the session VERY interactive.
- OH, and did I mention we had sumptuous food and lovely women who did help us by keeping an eye on the toddlers as we kept the discussions running.

To call it wraps we had a beautiful hamper with cloth bags from J & J, a baby new born kit and Baby chakra a cash voucher - yay! Right? Back home I did sign into the Baby Chakras app only to find clothes to toys to baby essentials to queries discussed all over - It was beautiful and I hovered around a healthy time happily!

And which new mother doesn't wants to socialize right, so though this post comes  late it comes with a tiny sense of accomplishment - we can still talk like adults you know! Ha!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2 years and nursing

This! And I am proud to have had supportive peers and pro-bf paeds in all these 2 years. When I told my doctor that I am planning to rejoin work, his next question to me was 'are you planning to express and feed'. No, he was not formula shaming, he wanted to know if I was educated about the breast pumps etc. Even before that day I was already thinking of a 2 year nursing benchmark because that's what WHO recommends - 'nursing at least for 2 years' and weaning when the mother or if possible when the child wishes to.
We have a beautiful 2 year and one month old nursing relation with today. What a beautiful roller coaster ride, I say and this post so reminds me of everything - articles I had read as a new mum, infographs I saved up as a new mum, galactagogues I swallowed as a first time mum and more. #probf #firsttimemums  #WHO