Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Celestial love bodies

Her thoughts raced, she swiftly thought of a zillion things and etched endless pages in her diary. 'Your mind is rocketing like a meteor.. So quick.. So very quick', he offered - attempting to compliment her. 'Comet, not a meteor', she corrected him, 'I would only die out from orbiting you'

Monday, October 19, 2015


You know these cute sign boards - the one that says 'spinster' with a cute pink crown when you take a girls-selfie.. That 'just married' on the rose-pinned car... Mushy 'do not disturb' at your honeymoon cottage.. 'Baby on board' peeping from the windshield when you're preggy and pumpkin.  When you're mum you just need a final one - 'everybody pls STFU'

Friday, October 16, 2015

Forget me not?

You know the people who suffered from amnesia? She envied them.. She suffered from anti-amnesia.. the inability to forget things.. the fragrances that enticed them, the stairwells they walked, the laughter they shared, the quiet possessiveness that gritted at the hearts like pumice against limestone.. the bifurcated roads they took at the end eventually.. then there was a whole new set of unforgettable things… the way their words pierced each other.. the way the importance was makeshift.. the way others were showered with care when she was let to decay like a log of wood by the river side which looked beautiful from the outside with moss mushrooms lovely colors - olive yellows deep-greens browns; so earthy and beautiful that no one realized it was rotting inside while putting up an appearance otherwise.. she wasn’t able to forget the way she missed the laughter… the warmth in that voice.. that playfulness in the words.. everything to the moon and back.. She wasn’t ready to forget things either..

She suffered from remembrance, as some suffered from forgetfulness.. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Open book

You were not an open book? Perhaps you were my diary - written with flaws tears and guileless smiles? Closed but cherished.