Monday, June 14, 2021

A beautiful free day is all I need now

We're sleeping and, a tiny arm creeps up my hand...

"You need to take a free day. You're working so hard". 

"Yennaikku Mother's day varum? Because on Mother's day moms can wish anything and that wish will come true ma.. "



Thursday, May 6, 2021

A letter to the anxious mind

Dear Anxious mind, 

No amount of fantasies will bring you unicorns. No amount of taking the Horse to the water will make him drink water. Your hands might bleed from the reins you have tugged, twisted and pulled at. Your feet might bleed from the rough terrain, crevases and sharp rocks that you've stumbled on. That doesn't change a thing. The Horse doesn't drink water unless it wishes to and the unicorns never come. 

You can romanticize the feeling as 'fantasy' but factually it's contortion of reality. Naivety and vulnerability which stiffles the real you - chops and trades a piece of yourself in return for false hopes. 

Fantasy. Well, what a fascinating melodic word. Fantasy is nothing but a dream that never comes true but sucks the time and energy out of your life whilst you are dreaming. 

Open your eyes. 

Ground your feet. 

Let it be. 

Let it go. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020


R: Ugh, 'sgusting! 
Me: What's disgusting? 
R: that bird is eating worms! 
Me: Birds will eat worms, its only natural. Approm kolambu sorum chips um ah saapdum?! 
R: *rolling with laughter* Nee idpi edachum solluva nu theriyum, funny ah irukkum nu thaan disgusting sonnen. 
Me: 😩

Book: All things bright and beautiful