Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Land of Zero midnight sun

Bedtime conversation bw me and the child:

Me: ippo night ah day ah?
R:  night
Me:  correct, night spelling enna?
R: N-I-G-H-T
Me: correct! Ippo night, sleeping time. Thoongi elundha enna varum?
R: day!
Me: ama da chellam, ana.. Alaska la sun poidumaam naalikku varavey varadhaam.
R: yean!!!! 
Me: two months varadhaam! Sun thoonga poidumam.
R: yen thoongum ma?!!! Yen thoongumaam, sollu ma.
Me *ayyayo*:  therilaye, naan naalaikku paathu solren
R:  no, nee ippove paathu sollu, yen sun 2 months thoongumaam nu..
Me:  <- idhu unakku thevaya. 😑

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Le budding ideator

So the child gives me an idea to build houses for street rats with a dining, with platters of strawberries, raisins, groundnuts etc. So that they don't have to run astray, they'll have a place to live and feed on.

Few minutes later child gives me an idea to go and ask if supermarkets want to introduce any "face wash" tubes for babies...

Me : aiyo, neraya idea vechrukkiye.. innum konjam sollu.. go on.

She: No ma, one day two ideas only. Nalaikku sun varumla approm innu two vishyam sollten.

Me: *wondering if I'm in some sort of counselling session or consultancy* #parentingparithabangal #raisinglittleR

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Waiting room chronicles

The most number of kisses happens probably nowhere else but at a school gathering which has run late. You see every third parent consoling their babies with kisses.

You see a random child (alone, her parents are outside the room) who was happily frolicking inside the classroom premises, who suddenly saw her father and started wailing LOUDLY. Looking at that, a few others have started crying. The dad scoops her into his arms, whilst the mother beside says she's staging it for YOU, dont encourage!

You see one smartie speculating and announcing the reason why the babies are crying (seems like they are crying as* they don't have color pencils) to her mom.

There's one child that's fighting with her mommy for like 20 minutes now, because someone else sat on her chair.

Tiny tiny tots with curly hair that hasn't seen a hair cut yet. Cute little thumbs, busy being sucked. Flowery clips, captioned tiny shirts, frilly shirts, caps, superhero prints and jeans of all kinds. Colour, vibes, incoherence, and baby talk.

Whilst my tiny is animatedly having a conversation with her friend, acknowledging the possibility our crying turn might happen in a while, preemptively I fuel up a tub of quartered grapes, hope until our cranky timer starts I can enjoy watching pampered little prince and princesses tired hungry busy excited; and realise there is nothing like babies - yours or other's even. 

Happiness is being mom. Tired exhausted hungry one that. #worldwithtinyfeet #kuttisandhoshams