Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rest in peace - JJ

Absolutely had been in awe of her stronghold - law and order, those socioeconomic pro-femme programmes like thottil thitam (baby hatch / cradles), magalir thittam, then a comfortable number of nursing rooms in public. Love love love her effortless calm and articulate speeches. The brave, bold one was such an inspiration to what a strong woman must be... 

Terrible terrible loss, her void can pretty much not be filled that easily and there's not every day history makes leaders who can meet the patriarchal sword with bravery... exude such charisma and poise...drive things with an iron fist.. A leader that inspires you... And would we have a leader who 'thinks' of women and their needs every other day?

The intensity of our CM's loss is apparent from the wave of despair displayed by the young and old alike. As I see interviews and statuses of grief flood my timelines - the gravity of the loss is sinking twice as hard and it's emptying my heart out.

And TN right now is not tantrum-ing like a child there's silent tears and decorum, probably displaying the deep respect and the irrevocable sense of loss.

May the soul of the iron woman rest in peace. You'd continue to live in our hearts forever, Iron woman.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks giving!

Thank you mighty fella for that job, fooood and one lovable BIG family inclusive of two mothers - Amma and athai, dozens of cousins aunts uncles, one awesome thatha, three darling sisters, that bestest brother ever, zealous 50 something dad, cute chottus, few fishes, a couple of birds, three dogs, and that stray cat who HAS to steal fish from my kitchen counter :) and especially for that very patient husband and a cute little sandakari who is SUCH a rainbow amidst sunny skies! You guys are the best!

Bed time tale

So it's around 10pm and we're trying to sleep - daughter and mother, while the dad is happy glued to the TV in the living. The night weaned little R is on my tummy, singing rhymes, talking to me or to herself, finding a hundred ways to go out of the bedroom. Slowly she submits to the sleep mood and says -

R - Amma, thendrale paadu? (Amma sing Thendrale - a song from kaadal desam, which apparently is our lullaby)
Me - worked out about a 101 things not really in the mood to sing a lullaby or whatever, still I start.. "Thendrale Thendrale mella ni veesu.." The for the next stanza I stop singing the lyrics and shift into humming.. Better no, don't want to sing just hum? Win win?
R - Amma, Amma?
Me - enna ma? (What baby?)
R - "Thendrale paada venam" (pls don't sing)
Me - shocked "yen ma appdi soninga???" (Why did u say that baby!!!) And we slipped into a LOT of cuddles and tickles for shushing mum...

A few mins later, she gives me another chance..
R - Amma paadu (Am#ma sing...)

Haha. Makes me feel like Lata Mangeshkar :p every other night! :p so I'd better perform well?