Thursday, July 30, 2015

hateth thee

I hate

Barking dogs
Crinkling plastic bags
Coughing men
Dolby surround
Ringer mode
Cooker whistles
Clanking cutlery
Creaky latches
Banging doors
Shrilly women
Cuckoos to squirrels
Velcro to zippers

I just about hate anything that wakes my girl up, inclusive of you if you would. I love Pluto, I hope Earth and it's inhabitants understand.

Monday, July 6, 2015

As time flies

I saw these pictures of toddlers throwing tantrums and I went all - "God this is *so* cute!!"

I can't wait for bubba to grow up.. When I can actually play jigsaw puzzle, Lego, house with her; when she will actually understand the fairy tales i read out everyday, when she can sing 'wheels on the bus go round & round' with actions with me...

Also I am currently distressed that she is on her adorable way to 6 months. Time flies. I want to see my 2 mth baby again who was just learning her social smile, you know..

Btw my little woman, has the ability to throw all these tantrums! She cried yesterday cos I took the rattle from her hand cos it was sleep time; she cried her wits out cos my brother was about to get her from me when she was actually sleepy and wanted to be with Amma.. Her tears don't annoy me, it astonishes me... I am surprised at the communication clarity at 5mo.. I want that rattle, I won't go to mama. There are of course sleep deprived mommy days when u wanna lock yourself out in the attic and ask the whole world (except your child) to go die! Otherwise -  Aww. Aww. If there is something that's a blessing that would be a babygirl

This life u know is sickly sweet. #babygirl

Friday, July 3, 2015

Her little footsteps

Well not literally, but she is acing day by day at a thing or two, apparently fast for her age! We complete 5 months of being mom and child.

My little one now...

Looks at teacups and cries cos she knows fluids are there which are tasty, interesting, sugary and not bland like bm!

She reaches out for her rattle; actually yesterday she cried cos I took the rattle from her hand!

She watches fishes and birds endlessly with rapt attention.

She still hates being woken from sleep and cries to earths ends like an opera singer if woken for a diaper change! Hence now we MCD her in an AIO with hemp inserts to keep her going for 8 hours!

She still loves her prams

She is not fidgety with baby wearing.

She's pretty much my luck charm, she's made her dad change entirely and be super helpful... She's made my promotion dream into a reality.. :)

The nursery rhymes have increased from Baa baa black sheep to Old Mc Donald to which she gives the I know these rhymes reaction!

Daily reading has gone from Rapunzel to Pinocchio to farm animals and Picture books; if you see it as too much of reading, I see it as too much of teaching!

To celebrate the 5th month, we have MCDs coming from Bangalore and headbands from Delhi :p *scene*

She's been sleeping by herself - God bless the little angel with more sleep and the mom with more happiness!