Monday, July 6, 2015

As time flies

I saw these pictures of toddlers throwing tantrums and I went all - "God this is *so* cute!!"

I can't wait for bubba to grow up.. When I can actually play jigsaw puzzle, Lego, house with her; when she will actually understand the fairy tales i read out everyday, when she can sing 'wheels on the bus go round & round' with actions with me...

Also I am currently distressed that she is on her adorable way to 6 months. Time flies. I want to see my 2 mth baby again who was just learning her social smile, you know..

Btw my little woman, has the ability to throw all these tantrums! She cried yesterday cos I took the rattle from her hand cos it was sleep time; she cried her wits out cos my brother was about to get her from me when she was actually sleepy and wanted to be with Amma.. Her tears don't annoy me, it astonishes me... I am surprised at the communication clarity at 5mo.. I want that rattle, I won't go to mama. There are of course sleep deprived mommy days when u wanna lock yourself out in the attic and ask the whole world (except your child) to go die! Otherwise -  Aww. Aww. If there is something that's a blessing that would be a babygirl

This life u know is sickly sweet. #babygirl


  1. Aww, I am am admirer of you lil baby now! I visited here after a long time, and ended reading all the stories :) Sucha blessed girl she is that she can read this when she grows up! and be aww just like how I am now :)

  2. Thank you so much.. I wish she would be!