Tuesday, April 28, 2015


When you thought I was smart, I was trying to be indicative

When you thought I was clever, I was trying just to communicate

When you thought I was clingy, I was losing hard at evaluation.

When you thought I was angry, I was only concerned

When you thought you could assume, I was nothing but helpless

All Worthy

She cries for food, thirst, hunger and warmth; never wasting time and energy on the worthless.

She fights to get into my arms or her father's; never paying heed to unimportant people.

She's been the most vital source of comfort; never like anyone who can only be around for you intermittently

She's subtractive and non-manipulative; she's my unconditional love, even if not..

Saturday, April 25, 2015

When teacher becomes the taught...

Wake up with the sun, exercise for twenty mins, get the tummys' metabolism started early, don't overeat, smile at everyone - strangers included, it's OK to cry instead of keeping things to heart and broiling...

The things my daughter teaches me... Daily, despite futility... :D

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Trying to write but all that streams is a lot of incoherent words..

Thank God for drafts, I am calling it a day...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A piece of mind

Minds that haven't been used need refreshers or a little dusting to help revival and seamless use.

A blog that hasn't been used needs a little spring cleaning as well. Probably, as its a piece of your mind? Just done with the layout and content cleaning. If this were Facebook I'd say 'feeling accomplished'.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wishing you lost

I wish I'd never known you. I am so done with you and then I am not. Day & night, you stay by my side, doing more harm than good. Feeding more fire than you could. I sit back and wonder what u have done to me and the more it stares back at my face that you're absolutely not worth it.

You make me do things, acting like you are the caring one, I wish I really knew if u cared, ever; or was it another stunt the two-faced you can put up, tricking me into believing that being rude is being true.

My bad memory forgets that you position yourself before everything else; that your "I" pronounces loudly; that complying to others' wish means a joke to you. The battles I've fought were cos of you, letting you take precedence and letting you steer me through rough seas in a sinking boat.

I'll slowly but surely let you go, that will be the most painful parting you've seen, be warned.

I wish I'd never known you, my dearest ego.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


There was this night before my marriage, I was excited anxious and happyyyy that I cudnt sleep! I was nervously squeezing mehendi motifs onto my sis Preethis' hand much to the annoyance of elders who wanted a well slept bride!

Today am *this* happy and sleepless again!

That Necessity

I need...

An audio book with 3d surround which makes me feel am in the same room as the characters.

A DSLR with upload to social network or online album or drive, facility so that  don't have to search my cable, take that laptop, connect to internet and EOD waste time.

I need a laptop that works on sim card, so that internet doesn't require turning on wi-fi modem and awaiting a green-flickery-light.

A re-upload button which will reuse my tax documents submitted last year like property deed etc and that I'll only have to upload new docs for the  current financial year.

I want all my bills - mobile, electric, dth to auto deduct from my bank account. Yeah, am truly tired of logging into multiple sites with multiple user ids,grr :@

I want a mobile app which will help me put lights on at 6pm from my comfortable fluffy sofa where am super curled in.. (probably put on extra few lights and all that when its velli kizhamai, sashti etc days when my mom insists...). Or even better a programmed app which does this 6pm job without my intervention.

I need a little red, no not red, pink indicator light which says 'low on fuel' when my little one is getting hungry :p so that I don't let the kutti-tummies' hunger cues go beyond

I want incy-wincy spider to eat all the mosquitoes on earth saving me from shutting windows.

I want my mobile to consistently say 'the person you are trying to reach is indefinitely unavailable' *blinks*

I want WhatsApp to fake last seens.

I need time to slip into a new blog, at least if not slip into pressed clothes.

I want my doggies hair to shed by summer like the trees in Autumn saving me a visit to *cho chweet parlour*

No, I am not lazy. I am low on time.

I need time.

I need life.

Hearing me, God?


After becoming mom I've realised..

* stairwell is the place where people shout the most & loudest.. Cos my room is practically situated near there and apparently am putting my baby to sleep..

* 3pm is the courier boys favourite time to ring the bell. You got that right - it's almost Rhea's sleep time..

* When she wets the last napkin you realise the others are still drying on the clothesline

* All the mamas, mamis, why even chotus might give you a tip or two abt raising children

* After 9 hrs of intermittent crying your daughter can give u one small smile in her sleep (mommy says talking with God) and it makes u go all down your knees

*  You thought pink was over rated by the girls as their favourite color (mine was blue) ..but now it actually looks super cute on her that it becomes your favourite color too now :p

* You think of watching a movie and click on Play button.. Bubby thinks I am clicking on her "Play" button and starts to cry :D

* You don't know which day of the week you are in cos you have no colleagues to curse the Mondays or shout out TGIFs

* you suck at singing.. But two grapey eyes pay all the attention to your lousy songs sung

* you can thank god for creating AR Rahman. No matter how pathetic lingaa songs are, your daughter thinks - oru deivam thandha poove, porale ponnuthaye, ennavaley were composed well :p

* You will have a lot of people raising eyes cos you, the new-mom, has written  *eppudii.. Ippo pesunga da enna pathi kekkee*

* and finally that Mom is the toughest job on earth its not a 40 hr week job where we can satisfy ourselves with a second rating and move to a diff role. Hence I so thank my mommie girl for doing that for me without flinching all these many tumultuous years.

love you ma, happy women's day..