Saturday, April 11, 2015

That Necessity

I need...

An audio book with 3d surround which makes me feel am in the same room as the characters.

A DSLR with upload to social network or online album or drive, facility so that  don't have to search my cable, take that laptop, connect to internet and EOD waste time.

I need a laptop that works on sim card, so that internet doesn't require turning on wi-fi modem and awaiting a green-flickery-light.

A re-upload button which will reuse my tax documents submitted last year like property deed etc and that I'll only have to upload new docs for the  current financial year.

I want all my bills - mobile, electric, dth to auto deduct from my bank account. Yeah, am truly tired of logging into multiple sites with multiple user ids,grr :@

I want a mobile app which will help me put lights on at 6pm from my comfortable fluffy sofa where am super curled in.. (probably put on extra few lights and all that when its velli kizhamai, sashti etc days when my mom insists...). Or even better a programmed app which does this 6pm job without my intervention.

I need a little red, no not red, pink indicator light which says 'low on fuel' when my little one is getting hungry :p so that I don't let the kutti-tummies' hunger cues go beyond

I want incy-wincy spider to eat all the mosquitoes on earth saving me from shutting windows.

I want my mobile to consistently say 'the person you are trying to reach is indefinitely unavailable' *blinks*

I want WhatsApp to fake last seens.

I need time to slip into a new blog, at least if not slip into pressed clothes.

I want my doggies hair to shed by summer like the trees in Autumn saving me a visit to *cho chweet parlour*

No, I am not lazy. I am low on time.

I need time.

I need life.

Hearing me, God?

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