Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wishing you lost

I wish I'd never known you. I am so done with you and then I am not. Day & night, you stay by my side, doing more harm than good. Feeding more fire than you could. I sit back and wonder what u have done to me and the more it stares back at my face that you're absolutely not worth it.

You make me do things, acting like you are the caring one, I wish I really knew if u cared, ever; or was it another stunt the two-faced you can put up, tricking me into believing that being rude is being true.

My bad memory forgets that you position yourself before everything else; that your "I" pronounces loudly; that complying to others' wish means a joke to you. The battles I've fought were cos of you, letting you take precedence and letting you steer me through rough seas in a sinking boat.

I'll slowly but surely let you go, that will be the most painful parting you've seen, be warned.

I wish I'd never known you, my dearest ego.

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