Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love in the air, anyone? - II

13th FEB, 2011

The next evening, she subconsciously reached out for her best blue floral chudidhar and wore a little make up and reached the station even before him and waited. Preeti was thinking about him, the lengths to which he would go for her, his humor and the satire which made her roll eyes. The care that emulated from the surprising 6 footer when they were together. She liked his attention, well entirely. But as she told her best friend Ritu, “She didn’t want a boyfriend yet. She was single and contented”. But should a reason as silly as this stop between her and the her love of the life?

“Hey hiii”, Vinay produced a loud arrival, much to her relief he showed up. She looked like an angel in blue. “been waiting for long eh.. the binding is done, but the glue is yet to dry it seems. The shopkeeper asked me to come back in two hours or so…”.

“Two hours???”, she rolled her eyes, silently thanking her change of fortune.

“Hey.. hey…”, he threw his hands in submission “what am I supposed to do re? I run the shop here? Okay, listen. The beach is hardly a stone throw away, why don’t we just go there take a walk and kill time”.

It dint seem like a bad idea, the Aquarian in her always jumped at the prospect of a beach visit. And a beach visit with Vinay, not much she can ask for. “Okay..” she replied.

The hour flew at Godspeed. He spoke about mess food, his friends' girlfriends to movies and suddenly slipped on to discussing his family, when she got a little jealous and possessive all the same. The more he spoke, the more she laughed and more she enjoyed him. The waves lapping at their feet just added to the rhythm of her palpitating heart.

There was a something in him, that was gonna make her say YES and that was what was scary. They retreated to the mouth of the beach where hawkers and stalls were numerous; enjoyed bajjichaat and a round of balloon-shooting. They wrapped up, walked back collected their bounded thesis documents and parted.  

The beautiful sunset along the horizon that they watched together remained etched on Preetis' mind, hours after they parted...Looking absent mindedly out of the steely train window, she recollected the pseudo-date blow by blow, it was easily one of the BEST days in her life. She wore a smile, an immortal one.

*beep* A shout from her mobile jolted her out of her dream world, “It was easily one of the Best dates.. oops.. “days” of my life!” it read.

She didn’t reply to the SMS. Instead she texted Ritu, her best friend, a quick message, three letters – “Yes”.

Late into the night Preeti punched some numbers and spoke into the receiver. The peppery-thick voice responded to her sexily. They spoke for an hour and a half, without halting for breath.. and thus Her highness spake –“Vinay.. I love you…” unmasking the obvious secret.
That night, they continued speaking into the Valentines day; into the small hours…

Only the stars knew if they slept that night…

* * *

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  1. Oh Its Valentines Day coming up rt! I totally forgot till I saw this and a few other posts Kappu :) Hows you doing? Sweet story!

  2. very romantic indeed...very nice :D are yu planning to continue the series?

  3. Cute story Kappu:) Good luck!!

  4. hahaha cute one :D nice very pretty :) last line was super good loved it :D
    "Only the stars knew...."

  5. congrats for winning the WOW :)

  6. Awww JayshhooO! you almost forgot!?? :) Wishing you and him a great one!!

    @Reshma, Akash - thanks heaps re! :) Appreciate your comments!!

    @Snuffles - I was, but work has been demanding these days :( so you know the draft is almost dead...

    @Ramya.. thanks da.. how was your Val day??

  7. Great line " Only the stars knew if they slept that night…". Romance at full swing shwing...