Friday, February 8, 2013

[55 Fiction] Savvy

He was tech savvy. His friends envied his gadget, as he virtually burnt time connecting with the important and unimportant.

“Ahhh, will you ever learn to save contacts on this basic mobile?” snapped she, standing tall at 10 years - his granddaughter.

He was tech savvy; or so he felt at seventy, amidst his septuagenarian pals.


  1. So true!! My parents and their friends use their mobiles for making calls only. When a friend learnt to send SMSs, they all were in awe and were keen to learn the 'new' feature of the phone! :))

  2. Truth!
    It's heart warming and heart breaking all together.
    I remember this SMS I got once:
    The children of the next generation are going to have parents who know how to check Browser History,Received Calls and Last Call Duration!
    Made me think!:)

  3. Very true, I used to beam with pride when my granny used to be able to save contacts in her mobile and then say I'll call you or sms you to her friend's children...

  4. yaa... damn true, nice write up...

    i taught my mom to read sms but she still uncomfy with replying.

  5. thanks gopal. . i know at least one person in our family has faced thiS music