Thursday, September 13, 2012

[movie review] Seven in one blow?

Hubby and I decided to go on a movie spree and we did! This was how the week spun out, and slowly toward the mid of the week we were like this ----->
On the top of which I did some brashy eye make up and attended a reception party. That was being pretty over ambitious, I recon. Or was watching these many movies were an over-ambituous act? You should tell me. *rolls-eyes*

Day 01 : Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakkathiley
What started as a promising story, grew annoying increasingly. Though the ending was totally abrupt - you were bellowing with happiness that the movie ENDED! whew! The tale spins in a Coffee bar and tries to bring a quatrocentric conversation between the characters to a convergence - that of a man and his quarrelsome wife and their difficult marriage, that between a waiter and the manager, the annoying flirting between a girl and a guy whom she just met. How every day life is dealt with at a cafe is discussed and characters move to a melodramatic finish. Of course, no story-bory, remember that.

Please watch if you have oodles of patience, certainly not cut out for me.

Day 02 : Mathubana Kadai
Absolutely knocked me off. I thought it was going to be another annoying movie but the movie surprised me with a tight screenplay, lest for one scene where men with painted faces and jeweled like deities appear. Except for that 2 minute scene, the rest of the 2 hour movie was good. Not refreshing, enjoyable etcetera - as the art shows a govt bar in its own skin - to call a spade a spade is always difficult for us people. We want hip hop songs in jazzy clubs showing flaming sambuca and also some skin :P

Please watch/encourage good movies as such. Fair amount of romance, fair jibes at society. Umm quite surprisingly nice!

Day 03 : Naan
Lovely picturization, decent acting by Vijay Antony, nice songs and an overall good composition. This movie is my favorite movie of the week. The supporting actors Siddharth Venugopal and Rupa Manjari (an upcoming Malayalam actress), look fabulous and also act well! Ashok is what we would typically call a sociopath and he was true to his bones (or bone marrow :P).

A prison evicts stand in the society and to live life on the run was sardonically portrayed and it makes us saddened. So this is not a happy persons movie.

Day 04 : Markendeya
Don't even ask me, I dont know what shit went on throughout the movie.


Day 05 : Saguni
It was the usual Karthi masala and sad mokka of Santhanam. Santhanam has bettered at destroying his reputation since OK OK. There will only be a handful of demises after which he will have himself thrown away from the industry. Trying to retrieve his ancestral property, hero Karthi bumps into autodriver Santhanam (who assumes Karthi is stinking rich) and they annoy the audience to the core calling each other Kamal sir, Rajni sir. ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGH - run awaay!
What kinda niche is Karthi trying to carve, I wonder?

Day 06 : Mugamoodi
Its a Mysskin movie with not so much of the Mysskhin touch but for the slow paced narrative. Jeeva in another martial arts role reminds me of Diyshum. He dons a mask to allure his girlfriends cousins, little ones and falls into the traps of a robber-police chase and catches a member of the gang - hands him over onto police custody. Later where the robber gang lead (Narain) pledges to take revenge et al. He plots superfluous trouble and blames it on Jeeva. Jeeva toward the end is put at a point where he must prove his innocence to the police.

Hmm.. Not okay for me. Already I yawn at running and chasing, now running and chasing without a proper storyline. Not okay, okay?

Day 07 : Naan-e
We watched Naan-e for the second time! ;) The anime was SO cute. Samantha was gorgeous. The settings were flamboyant, we had something close to that flaming sambuca in the Naai en peru song :P The house was pretty, the micro art was pretty, everything about her pendent was pretty, love was pretty prettY! awww.. for a second time not bad!

If we believe that Transformers are autobots that came from Cybetron. Then we have to believe that a cute little housefly can write "I will kill you" in impeccably beautiful font! ;) I loved the fantasy, screenplay and art to bits.The highlight was the dance at the end where it does Simbhu step, Jeena thaana step - encore!!

Makkaley this is some cue for you to sign up for those dance classes now. When an 'e' can do, why not u? :P *kavidha* ;)

* * *

P/s The dangerous guy is on a high and he has gone on round #2. He is watching Rowdy Rathore today! Jesus Christtt!!! No wonder this saying by Giacomo Casanova holds good!!

"Man is free; yet we must not suppose that he is at liberty to do everything he pleases, for he becomes a slave the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion."


  1. I can only comment about :) your review on Naan E I saw Telugu version "Eega" :D and hello no praises for our Sudeep??? how come Kappu no word about Sudeep :D I loved him he was just super awesome as Villon :D

    1. Sudeep was absolutely smart and was one of de best villains of times Ramya! SO pathetic, i have forgot to mention about him after flirting the whole length movie with him :D

      He was also the producer na?? seems like he got super rich with this movie!

  2. Neat reviews, undoubtedly Naan-e "tharu maru", It tops the chart and I hope will still be the viewers best till "vishvaroopam","kadal" "I" releases.

  3. I have not seen any of those except Naan E. That one I saw last weekend and I am in absolute love with that housefly and the movie as a whole :) The rest, the trailers kind of repelled me and hence never got myself to try watching! :) Rowdy Rathore is Hindi version of Siruthai . The latter itself was a real-life horror! ha ha

  4. @Ajeeth - thaaru maaru is the word to describe it! Btw, vishwaroopam releases along with that Vijay movie right?? :( pretty tough, why does my favvv start kamal always have to go thru hell. Today ppl say Guna is a nice move.. :'( arrgh

    @Jaish - Siruthai, yeah... gawd! :D But I saw it in prarthana drive-in and still remember that lovely experience! ;) my kutti cousin was asking 'you call this a theatre in your city?" :P

    hmm.. but sad, am no trailor person jaish. feb 14 had a beautiful trailer, but the movie sucked big time. SMS didnt advertize much but it is one of my FAV tamil comedy movies in the past 5 years! So thats that! :)

  5. I only saw Madhubaana Kadai - and I most definitely did NOT enjoy it! I was cursing the person who recommended it to me ;-)

  6. Haha Anne, totally understandable - a filthy govt bar and drunkards, aint anything pleasing at all. YET :) it had material and all the techniques in place!

    Btw, tamil mag vikatan had given 45 marks, which is a great deal :) Thanks for visiting, appreciate HEAPS!!

  7. Hey...I saw Naan and saguni in the list....Yet to watch Naan Ee...Naan has an intelligent storyline and music was good. Saguni ....hmmm....was ok...!
    Nicely written!....
    If you get time, do visit my blog....

  8. Agree Akash with both the stories! sure will drop in by!