Saturday, September 1, 2012

My first blog award :)

A blog award is fabulous, fantastic and all that you dream of, well especially when you dont have one and you are cozily eyeing that... quite insanely hoping someone might like you blog a tad too much!? And then when you get it - the joy is 10 fold!

Here my joy is 20 fold as I am nominated by *this* lovely lass, Menachery, whose writing  I SO adore! Knowing her only through Blog-a-Ton, I've been totally impressed by her writing style and I do think she will make a great script writer some day! Please dont forget to read her short stories!

Hmm so, I should say 7 things about myself AND I should nominate 15 Bloggers whom I find creative. Let me get started so -

1. I find it difficult to understand the 'naked' truth of PETA :P
2. I sometimes mute my TV and watch it. Yea, am THAT whatever-you-call-it. 
3. I get scared when i think of the fact that I am gonna lose my loved ones someday.
4. I can live on KFC and be shamelessly guilty and again continue to live on KFC.
5. I try to be detached and I-dont-care, but I do care. *weeps*
6. I have watched LOTR 123 and POC 123 back to back in ONE day. Did the same for Di Caprios Shutter Island, Blood Diamond, Departed, Revolutionary road. I am INSANE when it comes to movies! BUT I cannot watch movies on my laptop whatsoever.
7. I shut down on Saturdays. 

I would like to nominate the following people as Kreative Bloggers : Those who are creative in thinking, explore umpteen thoughts and ALSO bring it out well. Connecting with bloggers just over a few months, 15 is a HUGE number, so I sort of tweaked the numbers meekly!

And, my nomination rolls : 

Suresh - A lovely writer you are sire...
Apala - Her short stories are amazing! She also hosts a Photoblog.
Ganesh - For the myriad of thoughts he poses.
Rajrupa - Who has a way with word-limit(that I SO envy) and with words!
Ramya - Pretty blogname and pretty blogger! Her writing makes me *smile*
Jayshree - Who runs two blogs : her thought blog and cook blog! 
Aativas - Who writes like a wizard!
CRD - The synonym of creativity - read his short story here!
Panchali ji -  One of my top favorites :) Read her mocktail recipe and enjoy!

There was a lovely happy soul who was blogging HERE, but she quit blogging a year ago. So no donut there! Also, I should tag Menachery back again, cos she is indescribably creative. But alas, I end it with a THANK you for nominating me - You sure made my day!! :) So nominated fellas, please take the batom and say 7 things about yourselves, tag 15 bloggers and bring smiles about!


P/s This post was written on 31st Aug on SUCH a late night that it got posted on Sep 01, but okay - its great to start a month with a GOOD post! *yay*


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  2. Congratulations Kappu! Way to go! And thanks for passing it on to me...Oops my cookery blog!! Thats been dormant and I need to put some effort to revive it!!! :) Will do so soon.

  3. Thanks Kappu for remembering me :-)

  4. Thanks Kappu for passing on the baton to me for the mocktail blog! You gift has pleased me immensely... :)))!!
    Thanks...shall revert soon!
    Please accept my felicitations..

  5. @Amit, magic eye - THANK you *smiles*

    @Jayashree - pleaaasee!! We want more iyyer aathu samayals like maavadu ooruka, paruppu usli, bisibela baath! ;)

    @Aativas - pleasure has been mine! :)

    @Ash - Thanks girl!

    @Panchali di - I will be waiting to read your write up! Thanks for accepting it :)

  6. Congratulations... Good work is always rewarded... Keep blogging :)

  7. Hurrayyyyyyyyyyy yuppiiieee yeahhhhhhhh :D thanks Kappu :D an award after a long long time :D lovely thanks a lot :D will display on my blog, also after my final post of ooty trip will :D follow the tradition also...

    :D and Must say :D an award from such a versatile blogger :D must be treasured :D thanks KAPPUUUUUUUUU :D hugs

  8. @Vijay, Rupam - Thank you and appreciate your stopping by!

    @Ramya - my pleasure! I am waiting for more of your Ooty trip updates!! *hearts*

  9. Congrats Kappu and thanks for passing it on to me in the company of such wonderful bloggers. Sorry for the belated acknowledgment but i was out of town.

  10. Thanks a lot Kappu for this one. Will revert soon!

  11. congratssssssss and keep blogging :)

  12. @Suresh - you deserve it ji :) to bits and more!

    @Rajrupa - no problemo!

    @vinisha shah - thanks HEAPS, and for that sweet gesture to stop by my blog!

  13. congrats Kappu! and thaks so much for passing it on to me! :)

  14. Thanks for the award. That's going up on my blog's wall :)

  15. Congrats! U really seem like a very enthu blogger! Keep blogging & keep winning :-)

  16. Congratulations :) I wish I get one someday too .. must be a great feeling