Friday, August 24, 2012

The Prodigal Practitioner

A mans' almost on the top of you,
You try to scream and make a hue.

They torment you with atrocious acts;
Extort your money at the end of the pact.

You should file him for harassment -
Behind bars, have him sent.

But if that Prodigal practitioner is sweet;
Is visiting your Dentist then a treat? :O

So, one such fabulous affairs of the Bureau of Dentistry was endured by me today. Dental fear is said to be prevalent in almost all human forms that has decided to hit the Dentist (not that hitting) for scaling, crowning, implants, filling or whatever pseudo-techno name you add to it; and I was no exception to it! However, my dentists right from my teens, who told me not to fear about the injection they were about to plunge onto my gums, were sweet men! On a random add, seems according to a survey by the “Time Mag", 59% of Americans would sit in a Dentist’s chair than to someone on a cell phone. These Americans have been consistently crazy right? *Applause*

"Good evening Doctor"
"Please", he shows me to the chair. 
I ease myself out. 
"Are you comfortable?"
Why not?  I add to my thought cloud. Why don't we switch places and I do the prodding about your mouth? :P BUT I dont say all that out, instead I smile and say - "Yeah".
*prodding begins* *scratch scratch... zzzuzzz... some water sprays.. :-/ *
"Do you feel any discomfort", he asks me.
I shake my head - NO.
Any sensitivity?
I shake my head. THAT very moment he hits my insissors at a hyper-sensitive spot. I cringe involuntarily! (Gawd, this is yuckier than those injections, oral anasthesia administered then doesnt helps your sensitivity one bit, I so learnt."Holy fucked up shittttttttt", I swear mentally)
"Oh, you're feeling a little sensitivity is it?" he questions. 
I sign - LITTLE. (How on earth he expects me to answer with a tube hanging at my mouth? *cries*)

He says, okay now I will do it slow and.. he does it REAL carefully that I can't barely feel a thing! Now I start doubting if he is actually scaling or chumma pretending! *meh* 40 minutes later, he finishes the WHOLE procedure and gives me one kind of a sweet s-m-i-l-e. SIGH. I cant wait for my next dental appointment already! :P

Then, he adds, "Say a hello to father"

Why do all smart men have to be family friends?  *runs away*


  1. Soo sad....that he didnt give you a sweet at the end..i always give my patients a sweet when they go out....and if he is old enough to know your father, then he is old enough to give you sweets.ask him next time?

  2. Aww, all docs are not as nice as you bro! :D THANKS for stopping byyyy!!

  3. Flirting with Doctor tales . . . no wonder our resident Dok is the first to comment.

    Joy always,

  4. ha ha ha :D 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is attractive, keep the apple away' :D

  5. Fantastic issues altogether, you just won a logo new reader. What might you suggest about your put up that you made a few days ago? Any sure?

  6. @Susan - hahah, no wonder right!

    Yeah Jaish - for the men, as the cliche goes - "if the nurse is cute, forget the fruit!" :D