Friday, November 23, 2012

Dearest P.L.A Giarist

Dearest P.L.A Giarist,

Many a nightingale croons at your whims, but sadly, YOUR music, makes the nightingales song sound like a nightmare! They say yelu swarangalukkul ethanai raagam, but its super incredible that you are able to conceive the SAME boring tunes over and over again! I was under the impression that a composers mind should be abuzz with all that myriad tune-traffic flowing in, more so like the Mumbai masses at MG Road on Diwali! But your mind its absolutely ONE untouched shrine!

Don’t worry I’ll refrain from comparing your works with leading Indian / Tamil musicians. Let’s not discuss the maestros at all, why do we wanna talk about them when we can’t stay abreast with KUTTI guys like Yuvan and Ghibran eh?

*flash back* When I was eleven, my father bought me my first CD – Santa Esmeralda! Oh and how I loved that Spanish music! *Today*, 2 decades later I see ALL that Spanish music sprinkled shamelessly on your chords! You have carved quite a niche for yourself, good for you – BUT do not copy from chartbusters like “July Maadham Vandhal” PLEASE! Even my kutti cousin can make out that the tune is a robbed one! :roll:

Once was a musician called Deva, he used a LOT of existing tunes, some empathized with him saying Tamil masses do not listen to “Backstreet Boys” thus copying is OK. Perhaps, you heard that comment and twisted it to suit your needs? In that case, we are at fault after all... hmmm...

We pay 120 bucks for a movie ticket and another 240 for the Popcorn–Pepsi-bucket :roll: and TRY to have a happy weekend… but YOU… you spoil our weekends with all that garish background noise, err, back ground music. For a hero who has lived a legend of successful… mind you… "successful" hero-introduction songs, you have given him a song that I, err, CAN’T REMEMBER!! :evil: :evil: Hey and what was that villan b.g. score all about btw? Just curious!! :mrgreen:

For a movie that garners the following… 
  • Style : 5
  • Story : 4
  • Screenplay : 3
  • Acting : 4
  • Costume. Dsg : 5
  • Dance : 4
  • Music : 0.33 (Average of BGM 0 + Hero song 0 + Songs 1)

 ….you bring the rating of the movie down and beat it with your insolence!

You have given complacency a new metaphor! Keep rocking boss!!

Expecting the Magnum Opus of your Musical cacophony,



  1. are angry, Kappu. Chill....When it comes to the ownership rights to a song, the legal and ethical waters get a bit murky...:((

  2. if only , IF ONLY...

    I hope your words reach the person and good sense prevails


  3. K, it is unavoidable. I was surprised the other day to find that the song, Palingu naan oru maaligai is a tune of a Latino song. Well, even Mani Rathnam has copied the song Oh ho megam vandhadhu from an old English song. Nothing is orinigal.

    Joy always,

  4. You are so angry!! Relax and listen to some soothing and 'original' songs to lighten your mood! :))

  5. Panchali ji.... yeah its so difficult to resist theft it so seems!

    Hahaha absolutely! bikram! I wish for the same too!

    Hey yea...agree Susan not everyone's hands are clean... the 80...90s banupriya song - thotathu maligai was taken from sound of music's favorite things. 7g rainbows theme by Yuvan was taken from his dads Johnny..... But this director... it's become a habit for him.. pinched scores, old scores from his own music. Uh. Why are we paying for the same soulless litany?

  6. Shil... oh yes,listen to something warm.. why would I go to bed...cross on a Friday eve na? ;) thanks I will!

    Puttu.. yes boss! Guns all pointing to ma ears!

  7. Harris jayaraj seriously needs to go back to his roots do some prayers and hymns compositions and then come back to film-music! WHY DID YOU NOT COME FOR THE MEET YESTERDAY?

  8. You have been tagged:)

    Look forward to your answers

  9. Seriously Mahesh! Hey... I was down with dust allergy since diwali.... been sneezing, roaming around with reddd eyes.. it worsened and I could nt cone :(

  10. You sarcasm is so endearing, I am curious to listen to his music :P

  11. Thank you Ghazala! :) Aww and you should listen to him!