Thursday, June 18, 2015

Home sweet home!

So, it's home sweet home again! My little Chinky made a ruckus on seeing my in-laws cos they were new faces it seems. She wanted to be in my, my mother's, my aunt or manojs hands.. Its super interesting to note that human beings start developing trust at a very young age! As little as 4 odd months! Daily 6 a.m. she wakes up and wakes the whole household - am damn sure Amma is gonna miss my lil bubba big time. Bitter sweet.. Leaving mom.. Being with manoj...  Gawd. This too shall pass!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sleeping beauty!

She wants to sleep. All rubbing those grapey eyes. But she chooses to talk to her dad, then suddenly remembered she was wanting to sleep... with a little grump and a wiggle here and there, she wants to sleep right now. Ah not yet, she does all the konji stuff to Amma. Cuddling, swaying, rocking - when put in the cradle she wants to come out desperately. And goes a round of Rapunzel and Pinocchio tho she can't understand a word of what am saying... then again she wants to sleep! Lord and she's asleep now! *lol*

Friday, June 5, 2015

Can the mummy monster eat her up?

Then there is this tub of butterscotch ice creamy something, with two raisin like blobs and some wafery strutty things! You are so dying to bite into it you know. Dig deep into those butterscotchy creaminess but those raisiny eyes are still sleeping; you dare not wake her! So you walk around the cradle again adoring and craving for butterscotch bites for a few minutes more, until she's awake!