Thursday, May 21, 2015

On a roll

Today is - I've been SUCH a mom day..

Usually, the little lady has to be cradled to sleep, I read abt the disadvantages of cradling as in what if your little one suffocates? that very minute I decided to bring her to the bed. From fussy sleeps, to fake cries, today almost the whole day she's slept on my bed without issues!

Following the above paragraph, the little lady is also a light sleeper which makes her a tad fussy if she misses her sleep. Worries me to NO ENDS okay. So finally I learnt that baby wearing helps to cool this off, I was on a rave reading reviews abt all the ergonomic baby carriers Ergo, Anmol, Cookie; mei-tais Almitra to ring slings. More I read, more I fell in love with Anmol whose stocts were nil, being a homemade ergonomic carrier with babysafe colours, man I followed them up from May 8th till date and got my shipment of 'Aarav Noah', magentaish Anmol carrier! I have written to their manager abt how happy I am!

Cloth diapering, talking about environment and avoiding the diaper rash I pooled money in CDs (totally worth it), cute pretty lovely designs on Flipkart! And what cute names - Bumberry, Superbottoms :D lol today, I tracked down the wholesale supplier and found that Bumberry which is 900 a piece, is actually 400 *faints* man, thank goodness now I can save my penny, she's just a 3mo oldie! And the diaper range has a very cute name- 'peachie cutie' awwww <3 they have got loveyy colours, owls, ships, hello kittys! Can't wait to cover the little bottom in these :p

Its been AGES since cat fights, haggling and brawling, probably during school or college when I had to deal with a few b!tches and their snarls. Today I HAD to put my feet down and say THAT. IS. MINE. DOT. To some random person as I wanted that for my little one and there's no way am gonna part with it for bazillion reasons. Man, I am a tigress with a cub *facepalm*

And, the little woman rolled to tummy today!  Shmucks! this life is bloody awesome.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


She wanted to hold him..

Maybe trace his square shoulders where his sweat laden crumpled cotton shirt hung not-so-loosely. She wanted to feel her fingers run through his hair cropped so short that it screamed summer!

She wanted to button his shirt down until the second just about enough to see the wheatish him suffused with his man-ish build...

She wanted to stage her fingers in small of his back... Him, looking into her eyes, him pushing a stubborn strand away from her face, as they talked unimportant things in the quietest of the lakes, under the darkest skies, the night only adorned by a few colored neons perhaps?

She then exhausted her love; touching him in the crowded marketplace, amidst loud hawkers, fuming hookahs and dull lightbulbs, only using her eyes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

100 days of Motherhood

Three odd months as mom ;) and I should tell you I loved every bit of the highs and lows of it. It's amazing that my little caterpillar is growing to be a hundred-days!

Her arrival.
My little one was borne out of an emergency-c looks like she couldn't wait to see me! As I, pretty much, was. Through my 40th week I was paranoid, every three hours when there was no foetal movement, I panicked to the ends of earth. I remember going under the knife, longing for a girl child but praying one last time 'God, let it even be a male child, but let it be a healthy one' minutes later it was a girl - I slipped tears behind my overcovers and God,for once, was certainly great.

First month
The perfectionist aka me was fidgeting with things, right from nursing to grooming her! The first day I remember being in pain throughout the night, I was declared OK next morning though feeling numb at my legs but I also felt OK by the second and delved into a Reader's Digest, that which I haven't still finished reading, whilst my little daughter slept almost swaddled.

Then came the nalla naal crap and I was allowed to go home only on my fourth day. I almost cried to my mom, I wanted to go home, I was fed up of the hospital atmosphere, a needle that was stuck forever on your arm, nurses around the clock with their medicines to suppositories, their taken for granted attitude - waking up a sleeping patient and asking have you slept well. Man!

Feb 8th, I was home.

Then came visitors forever and my daughter was a light sleeper - people were loud and clamouring, waking her up in turn keeping me awake. I wasn't allowed upstairs which was much quieter. Irregular meals, more irregular sleep, grooming her, keeping me presentable, it was all difficult inspite of mom pitching in. It was nightmarish.

Ten days into her birth realisation struck me 'omg, idukku mudive illayo?' that I'd signed this contract for a lifetime, there were no weekends for the mom job.

Twenty days old and she knew I was 'mom' she used to look from the corner of her eyes, pleading me to take her into my arms! Then the contract seemed so worth it! The twenty first day was her dad's birthday which we celebrated with her picture-album, some prized possession!

30 days done and I was moved upstairs. I realised what 'bliss' meant. We went out for the first time, a temple.

Two months.
She was two movies old - Fast and furious and valliavan! She could recognise her dads voice as well. She would listen to me singing songs intently, the ones I used to play for her when she was warm in my womb. Everyday she learnt something new, a fan, a light, a squirrel squeaking from the guava tree which overlooked my room. She learnt to turn her shaky head away from her mama, avoiding his consistent kisses :D she loved looking at the street lights when taken in her stroller. Her sleep patterns changed, she cried bitterly still learning the hows to sleep - and the mother who was now an amateur at giving traditional baby-baths, started cooking, something that she loved!

Three months
The start of her third month was marked by her first book of Rhymes was presented by thatha paati hoping she would be a voracious reader, but she, was addictively glued to the TV *sigh*  She's learnt to talk longer sentences. Learnt to cry in five different pitches indicating discomfort, sleepiness, hunger, carry-me and go-to-hell! She is downright demanding, making me wonder how a child who knows no language yet can be so communicative!

She is also a trip old - Pondy. Her mother now a 'pro' at mothering ;p gathered enough guts to leave her daughter away for 5 hrs - a bottle of ebm and her favorite aunty around, voila!

Nearing a 100 days come 12th, its more oil baths, more tummy time, shameless baby shopping, taming tantrums, long wee hours of baby talk, hundredth pointless parental article read and the first Mother's day as mom.

Am so proud!

I am not asking God for anything more, am grateful for this life and that love...