Sunday, September 30, 2012

Valuepluz, Adding Wealth seminar #mydadspeaks

I wish someone told me the seminar is gonna be THAT good! Yes, today my father made his maiden speech for his realty company - ValuePluz "Adding Wealth session". The seminar essentially was a dream building seminar, comprising a four member speaker team!

Speaker 1 : Mr Pugalendhi (my dad), Sr. Investment Advisor & MD of ValuePluz.
Starting the session with Dream Building, Mr Pugal asks : When someone asks you where you see yourself financially - we say we see a 2BHK or probably a 3BHK and handy cash in the bank. Why is that Bill Gates could dream of being the richest man in America and also achieve it? The important portion is that he DARED TO DREAM. Then, the speaker proceeds to discusses the essence of  'Law of Attraction' by Rhonda Bryne and discusses at depths and how to overcome your fear and build your dream!

80-20 rule, Cash flow quadrant and real-life example. 
What is financial stability? 
Being able to not only fill your pocket with money, but have all the time on the earth to enjoy it is financial stability! You work in a software company for 14 hours a day and you get a paycheck of 2 lakhs / month. You still cannot take that vacation as you do not have TIME. Do you call your self financially stable? 

Why do you think 20% of the world holds 80% of the money, you think that is an accident? Absolutely not, says the speaker, and goes forward to explain the cashflow quadrant explained by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich  dad, Poor dad fame. As you see, there are four quadrants : 

  • Employers quadrant, who work for money (a person can make 100Rs in 1hr, then the max he can make is 2400 working for 24 hours SANS sleep!), they do not have time and have limited money. Their equation is time=money.
  • Self-Employed, like doctors and Engineers who decide to start on their own (they have the command over time and earn a little higher than the Employee quadrant people, but imagine if you're sick? You CANNOT work, you end up with having no money as still the equation is time=money)
  • Business quadrant, they are people who own organizations big and small and have people work under them, they have an exponentially high margin of profit. The person can make 100Rs in 1hr, then if 10 people are employed for 10 hrs each the gross money earned is 10,000 Rs. Can you see the figure raising by a high margin? Wouldn't you love to be in that quadrant  These people have a LOT of money, but still run short of time. THEY have to invest their time and manage the 10 people. 
  • Investor Quadrant :
How will you have time if you're busy creating money? So yea, welcome to the Investor Quadrant!!! These people have built all their life building asset over liability! :)

Asset Vs Liability. 
Anything that puts money in your pocket is asset (like Real estate, Bonds, Fixed deposits), anything that takes away money from your pocket is Liability. When anyone asks about our dreams its natural for us to say it is : buying a car, making a travel - do they put money in our pocket (or) burn your pocket? Asks Mr.Pugal. 

The Investor quadrant people have INVESTED a substantially MEAGER TIME in creating their assets. He works for 5 years buys a house for his self, works for 5 more years creates an asset - a string of rent-able buildings, a second house for rent purpose. THEN, comes the icing on the cake - he can sit back and relax thereafter, cos money has started to work for him! He's got all the time & money!! So see you here, says he!

Speaker 2. Mr Rajaram, Mind and Body Academy (MBA)
He speaks at length about dream building, and why is that we fail to accomplish our dreams. It is due to lack of awareness (or) lack of care shown by our mind. When our mind is not at ease, how is it supposed to help our body? He wonderfully quotes Barathiyar who said "kaani nelam vendum adi", yes it is our birthright to have a house of our own and have a piece of land :

Yours truly would like to add her own experience here, two years ago I was paying a rent of 10k/mth, for two years that is 2.4 Lakhs. WHY AM I making MY LANDLORD RICH?? He is 2.4 Lakhs richer and I am 2.4 lakhs poorer. Today we (hubby and me) pay an EMI of 20 k for our house, big deal! I am paying a 10k extra, but at least the house is mine! If I continue to pay the landlord for 20 more years, considering the rent never hiked, I AM making my LANDLORD a 24 LAKH richerrrrrr!!

Speaker 3. Mr.Saravana Kumar, Sr.Lawyer, Madras Highcourt.
He spoke wonderfully about all the documents necessary to avoid fraudulent registering of properties, or those that we have to check in prior like - Parent document, Sale deed, Encumbrance certificate, Tax \receipt for the Property ect. AMAZING he was, just on the dot about where we would go wrong. He has made the audience realize the importance of a Lawyer opinion in case of real estate transactions!

Speaker 4 : Mr. Krishna Chitanya, Standard Charter bank
He showed the areas where the banks are helping people with loans etc and said there were 15 types of loans. Fifteen? *gasps* Then we have a wrap up from all the four speakers, thereunto tea!

I had invited my best friends over to attend the seminar as they were investor material. Thanks Rat, Jebby, Karthik for honoring my invite! :) They were not only investor material but also harsh critics !! Know what, received positive criticism! *yay*

Dear dad, 
I blog today, as you taught me the ABCs. 
Its funny that you still teach me the ABCs, well this time, in Investment...

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  1. That must have been a real awe inspiring speech by your Dad we now know from where your talent comes from ...I liked the bit about you buying your own house ....Heck yes why should the landlord become richer ??? :) and thanks indeed for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Thanks SO much Sri, that is such a compliment. Also, the post is very long. So I appreciate you SO much that you have taken your time off to read it! :)

  3. I wish I could have attended it. :(


  4. Wow. It would have been such a proud moment, listening to your dad address the gathering :-)

  5. @lings - same sentiments, we guys missed you big time!! but anywayss you would have not bought any land, so free lunch saved.. enna correct a?? :P hahah!!! :D

    @Ash - absly girl, I was SO proud! :)

  6. Interesting and insightful!
    All the best for the contest! :)

  7. Hi Karpagam,

    The land being promoted is in which area? Cost per square foot? Govt. approved layout? Etc... And all the best to your dad for his new venture :)

  8. Very nice and informative post !! Isnt it true that sometimes we just don't see the most obvious thing staring at us in our face and continue to work slavishly without giving thought to the whys ? At times, everyone just needs to sit back and ask a few harsh questions and do a thorough SWOT of himself/herself.


  9. @Shilpa - Thank you SO much!

    @mahesh - The lands are being promoted in and around Sriperambudur, Nemili / ambatur about the prices I have abdly no idea. You could check the website mahesh ji... Valuepluz site Thanks for your comment - appreciate!!

    @Ash - indeed!!

  10. That must have been a wonderful experience. All the best :) And thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you around often.

  11. Hi Kappu.. this is my first time here and I was really intrigued to read an interesting article on Investment. Was really impressed by your dad’s speech and how clearly and concisely he brought out the importance of making the money work for you. A very useful and important seminar and a wonderful and informative post too. :)

  12. Interesting Kappu and very insightful and informative too

  13. @Going - yes, it was - Thanks!!! :)

    @Raj - thanks so much for that lovely comment Raj, I dont usually blog about finance, I hope I will deliver good posts to keep you intrigued!

    @jayshree - thanks girl! hug!

  14. Kappu.. don't worry.. I don't particularly look for finance posts.. I guess you have a lot of lovely posts here to keep me intrigued. :)

  15. thanks Raj for that lovely comment! :)