Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dear Diary, its bliss..

The tongue is SUCH a spoiler, yes it is. Mine? No not mine. Mine is a goner, a rebel and an eccentric kid which rolls incessantly. Here I am speaking about my hubbys'!


A sickly sweet morning after the nights rain, I am in SUCH a lazy mood to go and ignite that shiny black glasstopy thing called Stove. I toss and sleep, sleep and toss; for quite sometime. Lovely aroma seeps from the Kitchen waking me up. Sleepy eyed, I leave my bed and freshen up quick.

I am greeted by Coffee and Toast, on my best Chinaware, by Hubby himself! I am SO thrilled. The day has just started and it already cant get any better! I am ravenously hungry, and start sipping my Coffee munching into the toasts. When he says - "Oru Thank you kooda...?". Wheres' the Thank you?

I reply - "HEY po! Did you thank me for all the breakfasts, lunch and dinner I have served you SO long? Where are all my Thank yous? A zillion of them?? Eh????"

He replies with a puss-in-boots-looks. *aww?*

I continue munching my toast... managing to say "Daaaank-youuuu" amidst mouthsful and of course making a face!

This (married) life...

Its' wonderful :)


  1. Sweet...He did deserve a Daanku :)

  2. training manual for wives-to be.."how to train your husband to make breakfast"

  3. Adorable post!!...prized characters, all of them ... but you have done a great job! LOL..
    Have a great day ahead, Kappu.

  4. @Ganesh - eh?? is it?? :D

    @Panchali Da.. Thanks a lot! You have a lovely day too!

  5. mmm husbands it s thought provoking :)

  6. " Mine is a goner, a rebel and an eccentric kid which rolls incessantly"---Loved this part!!!The cute cat personified perfectly:)....Rofl

  7. He He :-). True, when someone does something for us on a daily basis, we take it for granted. But when we do something special for the same person, we expect a little word of thanks :-)

    Enjoy :-)

  8. hehe ! I think the DAnkkuu was far more sweeter than thank you !!!

  9. @deeps - haha!

    @RATzz - oi maa! look who's here!! ;) Thanks for your comment darling! glad you liked it!

    @Ashwini - Thanks for coming and hitting the follow, first of all. I just adore your blog!! SOwww much :) and yeah thats with the little things in life :)

    @Ashzzes - hey thanks gal :)

  10. So Lovely Kappu, :D bless you both :D

  11. I gotta hand over a 'daaank u' to mine for eatin wat i cook and for not complainin wen i dont cook :) Hope u know gal :)

  12. You betcha! We must, for all that they endure baby!!!(erm and viceversa! hehe)

  13. Mmm! Well, thank you's do help in encouraging the right behavior :)

  14. Absolutely, suresh! :)