Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IT Folktales | Pattu maami

The life in the ** is like a joke on Readers Digest – your family is not sharp (or) witty (or) conversant enough to understand the brunt of it. They believe their daughter or son has done a huge favor to the family by going to Onsite; so that they can jeer to pattu maami next-door about how intelligent their progeny is. Poor Moms. (I have always read and interpreted Moms as Minutes of Meeting, so poor moms indeed.)

Amidst the magic the money creates, the esteem and the rush, you can’t help but notice colleagues who can dance like Prabhu Devis, photograph better than the National Geographic Year-winners, those that can write magically and transport you to a different world Then you think, why X has not written a book, Y has not submitted his photos for magazines and Z has not danced even at your friend’s wedding….


God appears and gives you a vision that all 3 have been slogging for 10 to 12 hours a day, freaking their selves out

Adhering to a stringent 10 to 7 mode of working makes one realize that the man who created imaginary numbers was wrong – 7 is an imaginary number too. After a lot of analysis, mental documentation and interpretation to support my realization I confirm it. Nobody notices a 7 o clock on their watches. Did Fast-track release their chrono models wiping off numbers from 7 to 9? I wonder.

They don’t leave as work demands them to stick to their Monitor like an Monitor Lizard. The miserable stringent sleuth who kept In-Time has not bothered to stay back and track the Out-Time, when Ram, Dick and Hari wipe beads of sweat from their forehead formed due to lack of Air-conditioning at non-working hours

They then leave late, only to run home at lightning speed and crawl into their beds. 

Before they realize, it is morning already 

And this is the 'pink' life of that neighbor girl in IT, if pattu maami should really know about it...


  1. Well-written :) captures the life of many in the IT and KPO / BPO sector!

    Did you get the Lolita book?

  2. thanks mahesh!!! and no i didn't get the book yet. . if anyone had intended to return it they would have informed :(

  3. Nice post. For many it is just the money. Pity. By the time they realize that money is not everything they would have lost the best years of life

  4. i work from 7:30AM to 9:30PM Mondays to Saturdays....and most lady docs who are with me do so too....guess its just accepted as part of life as an adult- although no one tells you all this when you are in your +2 and choosing what group to join.

  5. I know Clement, is like paying an eye (youth) for an eye(money)

    @Ganesh - the nonchalance with which you have stated your work time slaps me re!! nejjamma!! But that is not I work from, perhaps its "I labor" from?? Or a man who loves his work never labors?? :-/

  6. ahh... I love your style of writing than the content:-)

  7. Hello Kappu! Its my first time here. Very well written post. Especially the 'monitor lizard' had me in splits!