Friday, April 12, 2013

[140 words] Red Helmet

Javeed contemplated whether or not to buy that “Red helmet” - it meant one less movie with Nazira this month. Anyways, the need for it was highly overrated as he always rode at a menial 60 kph - a shame to his green Unicorn bike.

The headlines read “Lorry runs over couple” along with a gory picture of a couple against a green Unicorn bike – juices from their skulls substituted the “Red Helmets”.

“Javeed(26) and Nazira (24), were rendered victims yesterday night, when a Lorry driver from the wrong side of the road made a grave error of judgment. The couple was reported to be heading to a theatre. The driver who had fled the accident-site is being traced by the Police of Saidapet district”, says ACP” - Sidelined a cold Newspaper column, as a futile reminder to “Future Javeeds”.

**** ****

Let us pledge for Safety today.


  1. Well written kappu . As u rightly pointed out , being a prudent driver does not overrule the possibility of accidents . Safety precautions need to be followed

  2. Yeah rightly said... we need to be responsible for our own safety.

  3. A good motivation to the one who reads..
    hope they look after themselves.
    liked it!

  4. Where are you kappu....???? is everything fine come back to blogger soon :( missing you!

  5. oh, thats power packed fiction.

  6. Death is a bitch. And careless messengers of death are the scum of the earth.

    Visiting your blog after ages. Seems you aint regular anymore either :P


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