Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hope to come back soon

Bikramjit, Ash, CRD, Menachery, deeps, Rathika, Ramya! - Thank you for your comments and mostly for thinking of me.

Without google reader the way to stay abreast your lovely writings is tres difficult :'(

and without reading your writings, I'm not inspired to blog either *duh-duh-syndrome*

I so miss reading you guys regularly. Love you guys heaps.

Hope to come back soon <3 p="">


  1. I saw "Ash" in my news feed, and I'm wondering if its me :P :D or some other Ash...

  2. Please keep blogging, though :) always a pleasure to read your posts... And as for not being able to read others' writings :) here's my latest post !!!

  3. We hope that too Kappu :) Lots of hugs to help whatever you are going through