Friday, March 20, 2009

How may I help you today?

Amma doesn't go around the world cribbing about the incompetency of her electronic items. If she does, she cribs about it only to the Customer Service.

Amma had a problem with the microwave, which was then sent to the Service center. The person in charge said- "They were of spare-parts and it'd take a week". A week's time turned into three and four, which got mom freaked up. Cos at home, we were almost dependent on Microwave and a month without it was SO though. Mom then called the Cust Service at Delhi and bashed him diplomatically.
In the next three days, we had our MW back home. Mom couldn't contain her surprise and asked em how come SO soon, to which the attendant replied-
"They were asked to replace our faulty MW's part with that of a NEW microwave, as they were still short of spare-parts" :D

The Onida Washing Machine that stepped into my house, replacing the old fourteen year old Onida, was a headache. It posed numerous problems in a matter of 1 year. Mom wrote a LONG letter to the Onida Head Office, explaining how good the old machine was and how she expected the same.
In two weeks we had the Manager with the Sales director at home!! They offered to replace the machine and replaced the same the very week. That was unexpected.
So, that was another story with a Happy ending... hehehe!

I don't know if I have inherited these genes from my mom. But we both have a tendency to file a complaint with the corresponding Customer Service, once we realize the product is faulty.

After having a sumptuous dinner at KFC, which was partially unfulfilling as we had to scream out for sauce. All I could think of the next morning was to find out a way to make a complaint. I finally found out the International online Customer Service forum
I emailed them.
We have had N number of dine-ins and take aways at KFC's. The dine-ins are partially ruined by the way we have to scram out for sauce. What is more irritating is that sauce sachets are handed out, so we end up screaming for scissors.

2 days later, I had a mail from the International Customer Service, directing the Citicentre's KFC outlet to look into this issue.
And thus this email -
Dear Ms.Kappu,
We have received your mail regarding the difficulty you faced to peel the sauce.We appreciate your suggestion for issuing sauce bottle to the customers.We have taken your suggestion to our higher official .
I Mr.KS.Manikandan the Manager of KFC Citicentre,would like to invite you and your family for a lunch or dinner, at our restaurant.Please feel free to call me. 9962122***.


KFC Citicentre

:D what a laugh me and my mom had over this!
Alas, we didn't have the time to lunch. I made Mr. Manikandan a call and refused his offer :|
I still don't know if the sauce sachets have been replaced, that's a different story altogether! :D

After Pretty not being able to send sms, I called up Hutch Care (aka Vodaphone). The IVR was irritating, we did not find any option to contact the Customer Service Executive.
Then I had this message calling for my feedback from 6790,
to which I replied-
"It's horrible. Not pleasing like the Hutch care that was once there.
Pls revert, else it might give Vodaphone a bad image. "

Needless to say, I promptly got a call from them. I explained them saying "All I needed was a PERSON to help me. I couldn't find that option in your menu and it is irritating."
To which Ms. Suganya (the lady who called me) said please try calling us once again and irrespective of the menu, select option #4 (Berserk right? I had an issue with sending and receiving SMS, though I had to selected this option which was meant for Roaming Related services)
Voila, I was attended to by a CS executive and Pretty's issue resolved.

Durable Chrome Factory. Durable? What a name for shoes that don't even last a month. After repeated purchases and disappointments, I persuaded the manager to give me the contact no of the authority in charge for complaints. I am yet to call that man and start off.



  1. Nice! it's great to see a blog of different nature. Customer Care services are some of the plagues on this earth. Specially IVR's.

  2. Tnx for your say about my blog...
    and yeah IVRs eat your brains!