Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Women's day.

8th March, 2009.

I keep three women close to my heart.
The ones who inspire me,
whom I look upon at,
and whom I look upon to.

Ah, so I can hear you saying another stereotype. I'd love to stay clichéd here. I CAN NEVER be as patient as her, as giving, forgiving, unconditionally loving, diplomatic, fun-filled, lovable, intelligent, up-to-date and totally adorable.
Everytime she gives us (my family) an emotional OR technical suggestion, she makes me awe! I strongly feel that she donned the homemaker cap and the country lost another scientist/psychoanalyst.
If there's something that I wanna be, that would be the impossible - "Being my mom!"

Ammai (Maternal Grandma)
Absolutely adorable lady with strong roots in tradition, who marveled at the art of story-telling and cooking. With 7 children, she managed to resolve all the conflicts within them SO well and that dazzled me.
(On the other hand, my P-Granny managed to split up ALL her 7 children.. later the children realized the role of their mother and tried patching up).
Relationships are like a vase, once broken they can be patched up. But they are never as good as before.

Mrs. Vasumathy.
My Chemistry teacher and the lady who taught me to own my mistakes. In a class of 40 students, we had to read out the answers to the assignment that had 40 questions. Those who did not complete it lied that they did not bring the book (say abt 10 students) and she sent them out. I walked up and told her I haven't completed. She asked me to sit in the first bench. then, my classmate had to answer a question, unfortunately she hadn't written that ONE question. She reprimanded her for not telling it beforehand (like me!)
That day, I learnt to be straight forward!
Love ya ol'lady! :)
I owe it to her, all my education and frankness.

P/s I was writing this out as a post, and thought these women should be a part of my blog!

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