Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2 years and nursing

This! And I am proud to have had supportive peers and pro-bf paeds in all these 2 years. When I told my doctor that I am planning to rejoin work, his next question to me was 'are you planning to express and feed'. No, he was not formula shaming, he wanted to know if I was educated about the breast pumps etc. Even before that day I was already thinking of a 2 year nursing benchmark because that's what WHO recommends - 'nursing at least for 2 years' and weaning when the mother or if possible when the child wishes to.
We have a beautiful 2 year and one month old nursing relation with today. What a beautiful roller coaster ride, I say and this post so reminds me of everything - articles I had read as a new mum, infographs I saved up as a new mum, galactagogues I swallowed as a first time mum and more. #probf #firsttimemums  #WHO


  1. Hey!! Am I glad to see you. It's great to find one of the old-timers still blogging. I remember you had once given me an award badge (some time around 2008). How has life been over the past decade (almost). I completed 10 years of blogging on 16th May. I see your 10th Bloggiversary will happen in a few months from now.

    Keep writing. And please do visit my blog.


    1. I'm good CRD. Hope you are keeping safe. Take care. Please write lots.