Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mummy's tea

*You know there is this ritual about having tea? My tea with my mother is more a ritual to me, a something that I wouldn't miss for anything on this earth and these are few 'tea tales' that I'd like to share with the virtual world*

Day 1
Me - where is mom?
Dad - mom has gone out
Me - cheri naan appo kelambren
Dad - *puzzled look*

Behind the scenes - cribs to my mum, un pombalapilla ni irundha thaan irukkuma etc etc etc.

Me - who makes tea for me? You or mummy?
Dad - *silent*

Day 2 or smth
Me - where is mum?
Bro - mum and dad went out
Me - cheri appo naan kelambren
Bro - hey iru, she has kept tea for you in the flask.
Me - indha tea kudikka than naan vandena??
Bro - *puzzled look*

Keke! Its not mother's day or my mother's birthday but why not tell her 'I love you' today and post this? :)

ps - translation : cheri naan appo kelambren - OK am leaving. indha tea kudikka than naan vandena?? - did I come for the tea or what?

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