Saturday, November 14, 2015

3-4ths of an year

Three months have flown by since he's grown 6 mths. Yes, she's grown three fourths of a year from half-year! At 6 months those incessant oon-oon asking for more food as she just ventured solids, to her jiggle when grandpa says 'ungungaa ungungaa', to the love of lights when she forgets to pose for the camera at malls, and that excitement she shows while calling little children at malls, shops and clinics to play - she has grown a lot - a lot bigger, a lot less chubbier much to mummy's dismay and a whole lot curious - showcasing her growing intelligence!

At 7th it was a separation anxiety which the girl couldn't speak about as mum wasn't around to warm the little ones world. We grew from paruppu sadam, soups, apples and bananas to find out papaya was her most favourite! From sitting to crawling at a faster pace!

That lovely smile she gave me while singing our bath-song anticipating that sprinkle of water on her little feet just made my mornings - work days to be precise. I would eagerly await for evenings when I can rejoin my child, dig into her cheesecake cheeks and see that glint of mischief yet again in her eyes!

At 8th, the girl was okay with mom being gone. Though rushed into my arms every evening sparkling like a 100 shot brimming with happiness showing a one toothed smile (yes we sprouted a tooth!) Mum managed work, reading, rhymes, cooking and peekaboos in our play-tunnel!

At 9th we shook hands with a 'hi', said bye waving petite hands and hi and a 'thee' after one two! And how we jumped into anyone's arms that seemed to be going out of the house (or in my language going bye). We stood with and without support. How we still cried lungs out while dressing into tees, changing dipes or when charger remote and mobiles were taken off those little electricians hand! How revoltingly we had medicines that which we loved and asked more at 6 months. How we had favourite toys - white teddy, bheem monkey, froggie. How we transitioned from teething toys to bead balls. How we stacked rings in a ring stack however improper it may be! How we expressed our joy at A/c rooms and plush cars?

My my my, life is just a pearl string of wonderful memories. I just love every pearl that shone my daughters' first year..

It's surprising and disheartening all the same to know she's growing all up and too soon for me to catch up breaths with. This beautiful phase shall be gone too.. And she'll continue to surprise us with much newer wisdom she'd gained. Oh, the children and how they amuse us :) I would ask nothing more but the abundance of time to soak myself in her milestones and growing footpaths!

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