Friday, November 27, 2015

Battlefield - Chennai floods

It is beguiling, overwhelming when your friend is taking a vacation snorkelling in white beaches, but your morning showers are itself a big deal, you crave to steal some precious me-time, you wish too look decent enough and not like some tattered rag which the wife cum mum role has turned you into  - then you've got an intelligent champ at home who has learnt to say 'dowwwwn' at the end of ring-a-ring-a roses.... you watch the baby and daddy read 'This is not my baby' book together, its okay you know, I can live another day all tattered tarnished looking for seeing this :)

It is pain stabbing to wade in murky waters, when the intelligentsia and fools alike are in various countries bearing various flags non-saffron-green-and-while where you don't have to constantly crib abt puddles and floods and more puddles. Then you realise half your relatives are in ankle deep waters at their home, half your colleagues are reliant on a hundred different transports and you stardusted, is a 20 min bike ride off to a dry place called home. Starts from work by 3pm and reaches now to write a post on Facebook :p ain't u one lucky bee?

There are days when you want to ask that woman pretending to working from home to shut the fuck up cos you know wfh is cooking, caring for the children cats and dogs and your billability clause doesn't agree to pay your salary for those hours of household chores, albeit you call yourself working. Then you realize that woman never had a mil who would cook your favourite meals especially bajjis to go with the rain <3

Time I've realised my gratitude is running low... Thankful for this wonderful family, job, fishes, fish-food cans and colorful owls even!

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