Friday, December 9, 2011

Why this Kolaveri di?

Rather question should be "When the Kolaveri di" instead of why. And answer being: It is then - When some one asks you...

1. Enna Samayal Veet'la?
Okay. I have no need to get all worked up for such a harmless question, except for it happens in the weird times. Some festive day when you are supposed to prepare a 5 course lunch, you did "the blunder" of coming up just with the Main course of a sambhar and sabji to go along with rice.

The caller at the other end of the phone is absolutely appalled at how I could be so nonchalant by not making that rasam, how could ever a festive lunch not end with paayasam. NO amount of "I was not feeling well" soothes the caller. The caller is COMATOSE! I am perceived as the black sheep that has fallen into the Khandhaan/clan/friend group.

Hey Caller,
I do my share of cooking. I do it without the help of my motherinlaw, cook and my husband. I do it not for the heck of it, but for the pleasure of it. Therefore, Caller, when I have stopped at course one, it means there is something seriously wrong with my immune system and not my thought system.

2. Oh both of you are earning then what's the delay in buying that Flat on area so and so? 
Hey hey hey, did the weather man by any chance say it's raining gold in my field? I, SO, appreciate your concern and all that. But more than concern, good intentions, all we need today is - Money? Nah, it was money back in Year 1977 when Abba sung - "Money Money Money". All I rather need now is PEACE. Take up a jar, fill all the big rocks, top it up with small ones - Voila you have completed the exercise with pomp and valour, sadly that is not life. More big rocks, more you hit the rock.

3. Hey, so any good news?
I am SO darn tempted to say - Yeah Kanimozhi is released which is certainly some good news to the DMK party, but inversely is not to the ADMK or something along those lines. I would SO love to add another clause before I end and say - hey you, are you gonna be around to change diapers for my baby? Or buy Lactogen? how about cleaning up and baby laundry? At least, are you helping me with the school tuition fund? - Nope? You sure you're not gonna help me with any of the above? Not one? - Then Go Fish.

Dissenting opinion here is - this is not some stone-age age to have a dozen kids and not bringing up any of them. Letting them to fend for theirselves - calling it supremely - survival of the fittest? Absolute no. I know my dad mom gave me the best in ALL (education, vacation and most importantly TIME). They never hurried me into the world. Would I succumb to the whims of some abc whom I see once in a blue moon at some goddamed party. NO.

That dejected nose-ring-wearing nosy Aunty, who gasped when I said "We will plan for a baby after own-house, promotion and an abroad vacation" can take a walk now, cos I have achieved 2 of 3 ;)
Women these days know what they are doing. Sheeks! 
That SO kills people.

4. You have been working for almost three years, No plans of changing jobs? 
Throw a question for a question - or that's how Newton’s third law works - "Why does me being in a happy job kill you?" So, you don’t have an answer? That's rather cos you have been laboring all your life, never known the meaning of work or 'learning' things while at work. You have been shifting quite some number of companies, to draw some fat pay cheque. One fine day your reportee retorts to his colleague- There goes the shit head who never stayed long enough nowhere to learn the job?

Being happy and being complacent are two different things.
Go figure!

5. She is always on Facebook.
Duh. Question in statement format. I can afford to be on face book. I do my chores, my cooking, my office work. Meet my friends, relatives, ex-colleagues. Go out to malls, to swim, to the Library. Read my share of newspapers, novels, technical material. Spend super quality time with my hubby, parents, my doggie. And hell yeah - I am on Facebook. Kills ya?

Then comes, the I-am-not-complaining-no-more. :D
tee-hee!! That is some sort of disappointment for all those who waited for the rest 15 odd kolaveris!! Of course there are people who irritate you on the lift pushing the buttons too many a time. Guy who honks more than he drives. People applauding the Kolaveri song. Colleague, who says - Oh you are married, when you for once are looking like a beer jug. Ah!

Apparently those are poquito kolaveris that can be neglected! ;) Limit x tends to zero sorts! So, I am done cribbing, I am off to spend some happy happy moments with my friends at KFC! ;) Long live the chicks and the chickens! woo hoo!!
until next time,


  1. Phew, remind me not to get in ur bad books . .
    Btw whats cooking in ur house today??
    why the hell r u at ur job still??
    why did u blah blah and blah :D

    hee hee

  2. hey the above comment is mine y is in the name of sparrow blah blah blooo


  3. OMG look who's here!!! The hero himself!!! Thanks SO much for the enlightenment Mr.Giridharan... I think even if you didn't say that I might have guessed its you. Cos, some craziness just dont need introductions!


    Answers to all your Qs incl blah - "Pass" ;) got any more huh?? hehehe ;)

  4. haha some people just have th nerves to ramble on about other people's affairs!

  5. Ha, tell me about it. The barrage of questions always follow and I am as tired and bugged as you. BTW, I'm in the "good news" phase and every second person asks me "Any good news?" and I say, "Yes. The good news is that I am alive, I am happy and I am going to kill you!"

    Well, people are people!

    Joy always

  6. @Jenny - yeaaaaaah! kill em.. hehe!! :D

    @Susan - oh poor you too... now we're sailing in the same boat it so appears!!