Sunday, November 13, 2011

7am Arivu, this and that...

No. I am not complaining that I have wasted 3 hours of my life watching the movie. But to think of Surya and how he wasted gazillion hours... and his hours of unproductive labour makes me feel better ;) ta da!

So where do I start complaining? Music – His Highness does an impeccable job of what he does best - plagiarism. Except for this time he has chosen to copy Chinese Nursery Rhymes (as BMG for Bhodi Dharman scenes - a way to finicky). The BGM in the climax fight was seriously omg - udukkai! I ain't complaining about songs - but bgm which was either clichéd or incongruous or both. I am thoroughly disappointed, even though I was prepared in prior.

// Knight in shining armour I was;
Yet the armour failed me //

Johnny Tri Nguyen was goddamnedly smart ;) Absolute no flaws, except for the hypnotism thingy went a little too far. That is not your fault Johnny. The director asked it and you did it. Shruti Hassan does a fair job of speaking Tamil, which is another way of saying she can move from fair to good or better by removing that English lilt to her accent. She should also improve on cussing. Perhaps, she should drive her car on Chennai roads every now and get the cussing out with oomph. Her friend Malathi (Dhanya Balakrishna) – *whistles* for looks and acting. The Bhodi Dharma scenes were rustic, apt and impressive. It gave audience that rapt attention, however the length of the reel was minimal. We craved for more info?

The last 1 minute of the movie was what the movie was all about. As hinted in the movie, patents for Neem, Turmeric and like Indian herbs have shouted Bio-Piracy out loud in the past. Neem Patent, which by itself can be made into a full length movie, was revoked by Europe Patent Office under the pressure of The Green group after a fight of 15 years! The victory of Neem is succeeded by brother Turmeric, who also had patent revoked by US Patent Office. There are yet Amla, Karela and aplenty Ayurvedic herbs which need to win the war of BioPiracy.

Secondly, as pointed out in the movie – as the Dynasties rose there were inventions in the fields of medicine, science and architecture – which were only destroyed as Dynasties fell. On a personal note, my visit to the Panchalankurichi kotai (much known as the birth place of Veerapandiya Kattabomman) mid of last year, had me stumped! The floorings made with a special mixture (limestone, egg whites, x, y, z). X, y, z were never identified also existing records of preparation of the mixture were claimed to be destructed. The beauty of the flooring is in the HOT dry sinful Thoothukudi sun, the floor is cool. My! I mean, seriously! Won’t such a roof cut on your AC costs? Aww.. am drifting, so yes, we agree the 1 minute message was the best portion of the movie.

The crew tried bringing out the flavor of the last minute throughout the movie by investing a lot of money, time and effort, only to fail miserably. For an 84 crore budget, is this what we get?

Rhetorical question, I ask.


P/s Have you seen the movie 'The Happening by Manoj Shyamalan' or read 'Covert-One series by Robert Ludlum'?


  1. My opinion : The presentation of this kind of message in the realm of cinema is just a tyro. I appreciate the effort taken to do this. I do agree with your patent issues and bio piracy ......,not everybody knows about it(acc to me,every individual may not get an exposure to knw abt it....due to the literate,illiterate ratio....) The depth of your opinion presented here is fine.

    Any new venture has its pros n cons....which could be made fine over time.

    I appreciate that they had tried to create awareness of a piece of history that traveled and created an impact so strong.


  2. thank you pts... appreciate you stopping by! Every individual may not get to know about it - yeah, that part I must agree!