Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mankaatha : Thala 50

Well well well... so the overall review of Mankaatha is it is an Average Entertainment grosser. "DOT" :P

D - spoilers ahead!

I loved the portion 'Thala 50' where Ajit Kumars movie mélange comes up and he looks really smart in almost all of the pics in the collage that makes up the golden poker chip. Kudos!

In no order of appearance: the romance between Anjali & Vaibhav Reddy in the song 'Kannaadi Nee Kanjaadai Naan..' is awesome, they look TOO good in the wedding attire, esp the mala (garland) is simply yet stunning, it makes one notice it! Same goes with reception; she is decked in a very beautiful saari, subtly quiet for a bride, subtly stunning for an unplanned wedding.

The theme music is great! The Title song 'Aadi paaru mangatha' is too good. Balle lakka song is OK, picturization is nice bluey blue and cool. Venkat Prabhu movies make it a point to take the best of all available models and showcase them in songs eh?? Seems so!

Sadly Ajith Trisha duet picturization is LOL, it looks like a combo ad for tiles and furniture. Else is noise. Sorry dearest Yuvan. Before I start raving on how I had to buy I-Buprofens to reduce my headache, belated wishes for a courageous 2nd inning! Now, BGM was hopeless, sheer gunfight. The Thailand part.. more specifically the climax where the BGM was dappan kuthu which was incongruous :( *sighs* Bad kitty... this is not what we expect from you Yuvi..

Can't digest the fact that 500 C has NOT its deserved security, the guys who come to fill my office ATM daily have a better railed car and carry rifles. Man, get a life! 500 C! We dont wanna see just one car for a "convoy" for that kind of money.

Same goes with the Signal Hacking stuff. I am basically game for showing hacking/bookies/any such concepts in movies (Unnai Pol Oruvan shows it better, of course) cos it educates people about it. But hacking doesn’t mean going to the bureau and learning what is happening, if I am not wrong! That technique is called part-physically-hacking I guess :D Why does Premji 'go' there? Perhaps VP wanted to show the audience how his bro looks in a Shikari Shambu get up.. well...bros.... kudumba prechana.. namakkenna!

Jayaprakash has done a commendable job and this is no surprise :) Arjun looks smarrrt! 'Irukaaaaaana - Action King' was ek dham super! :D Andrea Jeremiah and Subbu Panchu: no reel space. Behind the scenes before the credits were not casual :( Trisha looks very cute. Love the portion where is creaks for her dad asking her bf's age.. way to go Mr Thala for answering her! Her violet, blood red nail polishes were stunning! The portion where she sees her dad being pushed out of the car - great acting by all stars involved in that scene.

Some portions were more confusion than needed. The movie had more cons than pros esp with some good movies on the deck like Avan Ivan, Aadukalam, Thenmerku Paruvakaatru, Nandhalala et all. This falls in no genre of the forementioned movies, thus we dont compare and leave a verdict of "not bad Venkat Prabhu" and applaud Ajith for pulling the movie through very well.

All said, the ending was goooooood. Doesnt disappoint - given the trouble taken to buy a ticket in the first week of release ;) So, go with an open mind! Enjoy it...

P/s I have suggested my folks cotton ear plugs :P
P/p/s I was mislead by the poker chips :(

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