Friday, June 4, 2010

An Ode to WCB ;D

My Routine - the WCB!

I've gotten up, I've seen the sun.
Now to office, I must run.
Before that let me get a shower;
And pray to get some divine power.

I rush to the puja room and fold my arms.
I feel the blood rush to my ears, warm.
I start off my prayer with fear...
Strong and steadily that God can hear :

God - let my work be error free;
Let my boss, for an hour, leave me free.
Let today be my day.
I hope my PM doesn't come to my Bay!

Oops, I already missed the 8.26 train.
Now, with my hubby I should cut a bargain :
Darling, will you drop me at office?
By the evening I will cook for you fish.

Ah, he has agreed - I thank my stars.
With tears of gratitude I open the car.
I reach my office punctually late.
Wondering what is today's fate?

Finally my mentor comes up to me,
Grinning and always full of glee.
He says - be late but be working!
Ah my heart goes bling bling bling!

I sit and start working at my remedy tool.
"Chat while working" is my Rule :P
WCB is a heaven to be!
With nice people, 100 coffees and 1000 teas!
Chats and mails.. and even work is done!
Oh my! Oh my .. isn''t this FUN!!!

My prayer is answered (erm with a grain of salt)
The day's come to a halt!
Am excited and I contain my scream!
Thanks to my WFM for giving me this team.



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