Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After years of dribbling with different subjects and not faring up to those teachers expectations (which were always phenomenally high). I vowed to move out of the school because it was morally agonizing! You lose your self-respect and more importantly faith in anything at all. There the supportive pillars, parents undoubtedly, came into picture. Saved the Tuna out of Freshwater and let it in Sea-water - where it was meant to be! 

High school was awww... Panache, Aplomb and equally large-happy words became adjectives tagging along with soft words like rendez-vous, s’il vous plait, joie de vivre – yep my virgin encounter with a Foreign Language :)
Thereafter, my life was a roller coaster ride an escalator ride... 
Off to an amazing college where I dunked inappropriate subjects - subjects I never knew existed but thoroughly loved - Fluid Mechanics was LIFE! So was Chemical Process Calculation, Transport phenomenon. That Electrical circuits I hated during high school were knots of fascination - so was my Electrical professor *batting-eyelids* (Now any girl here trying to act smart and deny this fact was super-short on hormones :P) 

So as in movies an aam-admi sorts of Hero becomes magnum Entrepreneur turned CEOs Son-in-law... there was the caterpillar transition. This could be simply put as ‘dream come true’ et al. But certainly those were not my dreams. Topping my class, getting that gold medal, good rapport with teachers to pinch that Externals. NO. However, there flew the bird (phoenix?) as a 'good' student competing with the cream?

Whoa what a transition! But a transition for what? 

Obviously, I gained nothing monetary out of all the education I had (which plainly means I have failed the motive of Education :P). Hey! We are no Albert Einsteins to say - Education is to train the mind to think and all that! So there! 

Yet again I was totally in the dark, uncertain of the path I had to traverse. Therefore, I did what one could do best! Jump on the Trampoline and land on whatever I could land on - BPO. Wondrous experience. Software support, phishing, key logging and more jargons to fill that thirsty mind of mine. Some little preparation and there goes the phoenix- to Anna University! 

Anna University! The Mother University. Yep and she was never tired of new jargons on her way - Drug Designing, ADME and BioChemistry - absolute wow. AMAZING professors. Sanctity, diverse knowledge and more. GAWD, I couldn't have asked for a different bunch of girls, every one amongst that 10 were a genius by theirselves - simBly enjoyed life ;)

Thereto ASV Sun Tech park - woo hoo! Viva Cognizant! IT is indeed the brook of my life. Over sometime I simply lost count of the number of times I had rib-shattering laughter, those love stories, project related horror stories. JAVA, Oracle and all crap called coming of age. The whole occurrence can all be summed up in ONE word - Bindass ;) Never stopped there - WCB was a maturing experience for me as a developer, learning Integration Broker included.

And there, at WCB,  came --> one more triad of girls! Simply to escalate the elevator ride one more floor high! 

Aww lovely God,
Wherelese are you taking me??
Whatelse are you giving me??
Ever SO curious...
Your daughter,


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  2. @nr - your confusion regarding what? :D this was a confused post by itself!

  3. Life is like that, keep jumping from one tree branch to another bringing memories along

  4. Pesto - Thanks appreciate it! Your write up on 30th bday was grt! :D

  5. ahhh... the post I so identify with, though not from the IT jargon perspective. good one :)

  6. Thank you Nefertiti! appreciate you stopping by!

    P/s "though not from IT perspective"? good for you! :D lol!