Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Discussing POC with a child

Today we had a humbling experience - I was watching Roots on my mobile, child came asking what's that, and whys. I stopped the video, wondered how to articulate for a bit, then spoke about slavery, apartheid in a way my child would understand, about Harijans, freedom fighters; a conversation that went for 20 minutes. A long conversation for the twiddly inquisitive little mouse.

We also saw "I have a dream" video. She's young to grasp the intensity of that speech or the enormity of wrongs. But she did ask me - why they were treated like that ma. Empathy. That's all we need y'all. Why treat a fellow human in a way that we will look back at cringe at.

Let them know Inclusion, intersection and equality is everything.

I'm sure she will read the Help, the Color purple, Scarlett Letter, Diary of Anne Frank and a zillion other historical wrongs in due time and make her assumptions about how the world was. And what right is.

Wish the field she grows up gets level playing. I'm immensely grateful for the food on our plate, bed to sleep, doors that open, for the help and access during this pandemic. #gratitude #egalitarian #intersectional #learn_raw_History

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