Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Land of Zero midnight sun

Bedtime conversation bw me and the child:

Me: ippo night ah day ah?
R:  night
Me:  correct, night spelling enna?
R: N-I-G-H-T
Me: correct! Ippo night, sleeping time. Thoongi elundha enna varum?
R: day!
Me: ama da chellam, ana.. Alaska la sun poidumaam naalikku varavey varadhaam.
R: yean!!!! 
Me: two months varadhaam! Sun thoonga poidumam.
R: yen thoongum ma?!!! Yen thoongumaam, sollu ma.
Me *ayyayo*:  therilaye, naan naalaikku paathu solren
R:  no, nee ippove paathu sollu, yen sun 2 months thoongumaam nu..
Me:  <- idhu unakku thevaya. 😑

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  1. Hi Karpagam - How are you? It has been ages since I landed here and commented on your blog. How fast does time seem to fly. Do let me know a convenient time to meet. I have not met Little Rhea in person so far.
    Regards - Mahesh