Monday, August 28, 2017

Book review - The Horse Whisperer

Finished my journey with "The Horse Whisperer". What a delectable read. I did this mistake of parallel reading - I picked up an exclusive and a best seller as always to manage the pace. This and "The Girl on the train". One thirds through both the books, I realised my heart was with the horse whisperer, I didn't want to parallel read anymore. Its now two days since I've wrapped HW, I still don't want to touch another book or Girl on the train that I'm yet to complete. I am not two-timing, no, not yet; my love is still strong, I'm still thinking of the characters, the scenes - pretty much hung over you know, if ukwim.

HW is a beauty. It unravels slowly with intense emotions and yes, a horse could very well be a hero or a protagonist too, why not. Animals emote right.

The weightage given to both the female and male characters was commendable. The love was enthralling - between the horses and the people, or the men and the women. (I don't want to give away, therefore no TMI on the main post). And the ending is gut wrenching. The book haunts you for a while, and then more, the characters stay with you. A keeper. A lovely keeper, I say.

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