Friday, August 25, 2017

And how she hated sleep.

Yet another afternoon when my Two-nager is fighting sleep, she'll drop asleep even on the floor any moment literally but she simply wont, she's fighting it with every ounce of energy in her spent-body and flaming mind.

In a very futile attempt to put her to sleep by 3pm I've told her 6 to 7 fairy tales.

R - Amma innoru witch story sollu.
Me - idhu thaan last baby (we finished with Hansel and Gretel, and I start off with Room on the broom..)
Ok, story finish. So we sleep now.
R - babbles and babbles.
Me - ok, we'll sleep now. We close our eyes. (I'm closing my eyes lying on the bed with her) and we count one to ten. One, two three....
R - Amma ni one to twenty count pannu, naan olinjukkren.
(My mind voice) - aagaah. Thirumbavum modhalairundu kodu podraley

And then it took a good convincing of twenty minutes that we can't play Hide and Seek now before the disheartened-she fell asleep.

Finally. If only you know what I mean.

So somebody give me a medal, please. And to every mother if one can. And to mums of furchilds too.

Because we're SO done.  #mommywoes #2yo

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