Friday, December 9, 2016

Planned sick leaves

Planned sick leaves are the best things ever, haha! Because we are having a major mom and daughter cuddle ;)

remember these kutti newborns who just start recognising faces, purr and coo at the elders and elders instantly from somewhere say "ungaaa sollunga" and baby goes 'ngaa..' and voila major achievement! Haha

So me and Rhea today -
Me - cuddling her in a newborn position.. "Unga sollunga ma..."
R - "unga solla maaten" no, I won't say ungaaa. Theliva. Narukkunu. Nachinnu lol.

Then I cuddled and tickled and horsed around with her until she complied and said "unga" bursting with the toddler laughter, expecting the toddler tickles from mummy, Fridays be like this, extended, fun and planned-sick forever ;)

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