Friday, December 30, 2016

The runaway girl

You don't like crowds, a public address is your worst fear, you grit your teeth amidst heavy breath finish that last line of your speech and 'run away', gallop sprint whatever that takes you back to normalcy - Running away to gooey safety?

Your boyfriend of eight years, cinematically belongs to a different caste, you pack your bags and 'run away' to catch that train tickets-less, heavy wrench in your heart as the home draws away as the train chugs and mutters off the station. Running away to a better future?

The clock ticks towards 6pm, the route would get maniacally traffic infested in a few minutes more, you wait wary of that **** beside you whose only purpose of existence is to see if you are there. You run away, when it's not looking, into corridors and lift bays and cemented pavement blocks like an unleashed blood hound, into that cab that's waiting for you!  Running away to pure happiness - drama that happens every single weekday at the desktop. :p

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