Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bed time tale

So it's around 10pm and we're trying to sleep - daughter and mother, while the dad is happy glued to the TV in the living. The night weaned little R is on my tummy, singing rhymes, talking to me or to herself, finding a hundred ways to go out of the bedroom. Slowly she submits to the sleep mood and says -

R - Amma, thendrale paadu? (Amma sing Thendrale - a song from kaadal desam, which apparently is our lullaby)
Me - worked out about a 101 things not really in the mood to sing a lullaby or whatever, still I start.. "Thendrale Thendrale mella ni veesu.." The for the next stanza I stop singing the lyrics and shift into humming.. Better no, don't want to sing just hum? Win win?
R - Amma, Amma?
Me - enna ma? (What baby?)
R - "Thendrale paada venam" (pls don't sing)
Me - shocked "yen ma appdi soninga???" (Why did u say that baby!!!) And we slipped into a LOT of cuddles and tickles for shushing mum...

A few mins later, she gives me another chance..
R - Amma paadu (Am#ma sing...)

Haha. Makes me feel like Lata Mangeshkar :p every other night! :p so I'd better perform well? 

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