Saturday, May 26, 2012

[55 fiction] Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters

He shivered down his spine. He was new to “the business”. His grandma was ill, therefore his folks forced him to do it. He didn’t feel right yet.

Deep within, his conscience said it was okay to go with “the plan”. Nothing wrong will befall him. Locking eyes, his trembling lips uttered – “I do” .


  1. the first one was an absolute spine-chiller....saying "i do" must be one of the hardest things a guy can do- and to sacrifice a lifetime of freedom for a sick grandmother? dont they have Apollo hospital's number?

    the second story is more straightforward i guess- the heroine has eaten 1 chicken (+1mutton/65/butterchicken) etc at thalapakatti and now she is suffering fro indigestion and wants an antacid to ease the pain in her stomach? (my first guess was this was a scene from a first-night- but naah....they would have told her before..not sprung it on her?)

    so are my anwsers correct karpagam? do i win any prize?

    (p.s. veetukku thedi vandu adikara idea erundhaa - naan eppovey commisioner office'la protection apply pannitean, ama...)

  2. haha!!! thanks for the fun comments Ganesh! In thesee ill-grandma-wedding cases, apparently they never get hold of hosiptal numbers or good doctors... sigh!!

    As in the other, it is a "chronic" case of gastric problem. Else she wouldnt know he will be there waiting for her! One of the avantages of married life.. (while other murks at disadvantage!) correcta!!

  3. I think any ‘he’ would shiver before saying ‘I do’ no matter what; whether grandma is ill or no ill :P
    And she seems to require more than an antacid!!

  4. Hhhhhhhhhhhhaha :D YES, indeed! The time in ones life when a man is happy yet fearful ;)

    (the happy portion, I should doubt?)

    btw, please poor thing, you are being TOO judgemental about the girl :P