Friday, May 4, 2012

[55 Fiction] Buried

She cried bitterly – she wanted to live. They just wouldn’t hear her out! She was shut in the dark – the reassuring warmth around her suddenly turned repellent. She screamed and screamed.

Exulting her last breath in the t(w)omb; she kissed adieu to her faceless killers.Her crime? – to be the girl foetus :-<


  1. I liked them...esp the first and last. The 2nd was a bit too vague for me to get to its intended depth.

    Nice blog ! :)

    Take Care

  2. Thank you for the lovely comments Fatima! am glad you liked it!

    and yes, even my friends had the same say on FFF no 2 :) What I attempted was to trick the people into thinking the hero is a police officer, when the hero is a police-trained-dog! Have I succeeded? I wonder! ;)

  3. Liked the first and last ones!!
    A suggestion... it would be nice if you post each of the three 55 Fictions in 3 different posts... reading one after the other does not give due time to soak and absorb each one as all the three are in a different genre! :)