Sunday, November 5, 2017

Toddler talks - a mind of their own!

The chatterbox of mine has a peculiar finding​ every day that I can't fill my diary enough. Yesterday when she woke up I told her "Good morning". She replied "why are you telling Good morning, Amma. Naan thirumbavum thoonga poren" rolled back and slept for another fifteen minutes. It makes me think - Okay, so I need to be sure you're waking up before I tell a harmless good morning? Lol.

I showed her a tree full of mangoes and asked her can we take one from that tree. Pat comes the reply - Amma this is not our tree. We'll take mango from the fridge (apparently refrigerator had some)

She's 2.5 and can oppose our views aka have a mind of her own. That's how pliable we are before gender stereotypes, ability to do and not do creeps in, allowing talking back creeps in.

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