Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Indian function junctions

It's SAD that we HAVE to attend fat Indian weddings all the time to make them look fat - I really wish we throw all those long strenuous weddings, poojas related to funerals and everything one fine day. Just like that. Out of the window. And let people marry or die quietly.. in peace. Sorry for being blunt but the rites do take my life away - I have been in and out of multiple schools and colleges and I am in touch with my 1st grade to college kinda friends and it's too much of an askance when everyone gets touchy about the priorities of their function - be at Xs place for onam, Ys child's birthday, someone's 40th, 5th, 7th, first/second/gay wedding or even I something like am-gonna-die please be there to take a selfie type invite?! Uffffff

It's okay. Invite me. But hey I do have other plans also remember? I may even have to wash truckloads of clothes this weekend and i am not practically chilling out. My idea of chilling out could be curling up with a book and sloshing the whole weekend at home? Or yes I may want to be that friend of mine?! So don't get touchy if I say no I really can't take this invite...

I hate when I have to lie to your RSVP!

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