Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kannukku maiye azhagu

*growing up woes*

So my daughter comes to me with a kajal stick and says 'Amma.. Amma.. maiye' (Amma.. Amma.. kohl) with an expression that she wants to wear it.
Me - *shocked* as I never make her wear kohl or anything and this little woman has been watching how mum's dressing up. So I say, "kanna kaatu" (show me your eyes..)
She rolls her eyes and allows me to smear a little kohl on both the eyes.
Little Missy, then points to my forehead and says, 'Amma...totttttu..totttu' ( bindi)
Me - *shocked again* as I never make her wear bindi either. So, I take the bindi from my forehead and put it on hers.
She goes away happily, leaving Amma thoughtful that her little one is growing crazy fast!

My little sweetheart,
There was a time when your hunger pang or a wet nappy discomfiture was only a shrill cry, there was a time when your only reflex was a snug-latch, today you've grown all BIG to ask me what you want with that limited vocabulary of yours? However BIG you grow up to be you'll always be my teenie-weenie little sweet-pea #15m
Amma :)

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