Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blessed art thou

I have a blessed life you know - the fairy tale types where u get to marry the guy you want - *that* guy who is not only intelligent, but handsome, flirtatious (with all women, grr) and who's got wry but acceptable humor, one who looks cool in all photos taken in all angles whereas u with caked one inch makeup cant look okay for a profile pic kooda, and then God gets kinder and even gives you *that* girl baby you wanted. As I am writing I am done celebrating my little ones half birthday thru the week - pics coming up. 6 months of awesome ups and downs.

But when has man a perfect life? I always had one or two reasons to hate someone down to the very marrow of my bone, just cos it feels right to hate, however harsh the word hate is. I am a freaking Cancarian - those that are intuitive, can assume fairly right and can be sentimental over a freaking assumption all the same which is another reason to support my seething anger as well.

I was slightly annoyed today, slightly that I might have thrown anyone who crossed my lane off the roof, so there. And I open my mailbox and I have one of the sweetest mail :) someone made my day with few nice words. No flattery, no unnecessary paints, just dil se types, right from the heart, point blank and it made all my anger vaporise into thin air :) I am still lucky in many ways.

Sometimes I blaspheme for God had let a few people in my life, other times like this I thank! They are the light leaves which makes you forget the storm. I hope my well wishes fares an incredulous journey in the new path they've taken. #blog #gratitude

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