Thursday, June 28, 2012

[Game] Football Chronicles

After a godknowswhatkindaday I watched the GODLY soaps and I was about to hit the sack at 10PM. That certainly was unlikely time to go to bed, but nevertheless (remember the godknowswhatkindaday?). That was when my brother called me and insisted that I should watch Spain Vs Portugal. My hubby, the great, already planned well in advance and slept from 7PM until 10 PM so that he could sit through the match!

10 PM we called dad, and asked if he and my brother could come home and we'd watch the match together! And he said – YES! By 12 PM we had the esteemed guests Dad and Brother at home. I made scrambled egg sandwiches, they brought chips and coke! And we made the match watching a ritual! This was the first semi-final of the 2012 Euro Championships and it deserved this respect don’t you think :P


Spain plays a defensive way, well we would have seen that during the World Cup. It was amazing to see the passes that they make, and keep possession of not only the football but their cool head. Though statistics showed 57% possession of ball by Portugal during half time. It was sheer pleasure to watch Spain play. (Like a red flower that triangulates here and there making petals – pathetic imagery, I agree)

*Yawns here and there and tries to shoo that sleep away*

A few minutes into the game. Arbeloa (Spain) missed a big chance of the night after he shot over the bar. The men trio were super enthused – yeah they supported for Portugal when I stood up for Spain. Brother told me a so and so newspaper had said “Ronaldo Vs Spain” which was apparently why he watched the match. A while later its a beautiful encounter : Ronaldo shoots high up in the air after he was fed beautifully in the middle.

*Notices that perhaps bro is right. There are reasons why Messi, Ronaldo, Sachin have their pedestals. He plays WAY too well. Standing motionless half the time, he manages to pitch in the right time*

The scoreline read 0-0 at the end of the first half with Portugal showing more aggression up front. Both teams showed some quality football but is yet to see any worthy goals. That’s when the men announce they want some Tea. Super crazy all of them are, and 1.30 into the night, I am boiling milk trying to make tea. God, what do you call this?

About 20 minutes after the start of the second half, Xavi went for the goal but was denied by Patricio. The game draws to the extra time, and all four of Portugal’s defenders are on a yellow. Soon Ronaldo drives a free kick into the wall. Alvaro Arbeloa gets a hand on it, and gets a yellow card. Ronaldo takes another free kick, but he did not miss by a little this time.I know this is all wrong on Arbeloa part...what was that.. erm.. Hand of God :P

*The sleep is gone for good*

Both Portugal and Spain failed to score after 90 minutes of the game. The match now enters extra time. Both the teams should be thoroughly tired now, I assume. I cannot dodge a ball for more than 15 minutes straight. Poor things, hmm, what people do in the name of passion! Cutting things short nothing much happened in the extra time, but for the fact some Booth (ghost!) entered into Spaniards and made them play more aggressively towards the end; attempting 3 goals, all of which were thwarted effectively by the Portuguese.

*Thumping in my heart is not heard, it is outdone by TV commentary. Thank god for that*

Making it 0-0 at even at the end of extra-time and moving into Penalty shoot out :-

  • Alonso walks in for the first spot-kick, MISSES, saved by Patrício.
  • Moutinho for Portugal. He is stopped by Casillas.
  • Iniesta, SCORES. 1-0 Spain
  • Pepe scores for Portugal, 1-1.
  • Pique, SCORES, 2-1 Spain.
  • Nani for Portugal, high to the roof of the net. 2-2. (He didn’t look like he was gonna score anywayss! So no excitement there :P)
  • Sergio Ramos for Spain, chips it into the net. 3-2 for Spain.
  • Bruno Alves, MISSES, hits the top bar. This could be the end of Portugal.
  • Cesc Fabregas scores. Spanish players flood the field. Spain is off to the final!!
Whoo hoo!! ;-) Beeee-utiful!

I can’t wait to watch the finals now whether its Vs Germany or not, and you?


  1. WOW!! almost like a live telecast have another career option if you should ever need it...btw, i am sad- i missed the match..have a long commute and i have to sign in before coudnt afford to stay up that late...but i am planning to somehow stay awake for the final...and maybe i will mute the TV and put you on speakerphone for your running commentary?

  2. haha! Thanks Ganesh! :) But its always difficult when we have untimely interesting matches and work..

  3. Hi

    You should probably start a commentary on soccer on radio :) You are too good at it :D