Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
A teenie-weenie cyclone that popped out of nowhere was determined to cause more destruction that it actually could. This morning, electricity was suspended. I appreciated my inverter like never before. We decided to stay at low consumption mode (cos of cats' exam), turned off the TV and turned to the books.
Books(!) the best thing after a LONG time. Amma, Appa and I were poring over books like never before. It was bliss. My bro busied himself with books too - well, thanks to the Survey exams. Suddenly he was in high spirits, by high I mean real HIGH. Seems the exams were postponded. Later, we spoke through the night... Cyclone?? The day was simply great.

The Bad.
The morning was calm as well. More books, more chat. Reality struck me later, out on the roads the water levels were ankle-high and since the rains never stopped, they were obviously expected to rise. The rains were SO heavy and SO continuous . "Chembarambakam" dam reached its' full capacity and its' gates were opened. This plainly meant a mini-flashflood was on its way!
I was getting slightly worried about the floods (and that I had to bunk German class) when I promptly got a call from Max Muller Bhavan saying classes were suspended! Great!
By the evening the inverter quit working. No complaints, it did a great job of sustaining a day and three-fourths. Lanterns, mosquito repellent sprays and slight annoyance in the air.

The Ugly.
No electricity yet. Worse, my cell had "almost" no charge. As if switching off TV, PC wasn't bad enough, I even had to switch off my mobile. Judicious usage :|
It was then we got to know about the attack in Mumbai. Noone can a thing, but pray. We prayed, hoped. Hoped that the attacks ceased. Hoped for the savior "electricity" to be back. Most of all hoped to catch a glimpse of what happened.
Finally by the night, say 10pm, electricity supply was regained. Horror was splashed on the Television. I just fail to understand, how can so much of brutality be present in a human brain. Plain barbarism, plain stupidity.
The following day, the dead heroes were saluted.

I salute these men who gave their lives for us.
I'd now salute the living heroes, those men whose names I not know of, 
the men whose names will be splashed by the media someday.

P/s My connector was short-circuited. Thanks to the rain.
My eyes are much better today due to the "Lack of internet" so long.

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