Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 was cool B)

Disclaimer - However boring the reasons may be, be prepared to put up with them. Else, write up much interesting happenings in your own blog. Period.

Ahem "Top 10 reasons" that made me say 2008 was cool >>>

#1 I'm done with my Masters. No more studying.
(well not "no more". I mean at least not now)

#2 I loved my Spanish classes, I loved the language even more.
Simply music!

#3 My DOJ was delayed. Who cares? I watched a 100+ movies
(cheap-me huh?? LOL!)

#4 "We" have become more matured in our fights. (voila!)

#5 The world hit recession, yet I made profits
(evil-grin heeehaaahawww)

#6 Obama is the President-elect. Whoa! I love it!
(Forrest Gump told me how long the US has walked)

#7 Suddenly mj took a liking to German, I did the same :D (MMB was awesome, so was Deutsch)

#8 J will have a little-cute-J soon! Will it be Dorothy or Denzel?? The world will have to wait ;)

#9 G is getting married. Ok. Nothing that impressive, tho' out of some goodwill I write :P

#10 Weißmond's wedding is fixed *yay!* Pats to Prakash & you gal!!

Two languages, Two weddings and A people's President.
It can't get any better ;))
It was all was definitely awesome, cos I expect 2009 to be the worst.
(war over the M word will start!)
All wrote and read. Happy New Year ;)

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