Sunday, November 15, 2020

the inanimate love

My tiny's library got a way too many books, and needs space, dusting, maintenance, what nots. I'm just waiting quietly to enroll her in my local library when she starts a bit of reading without assistance, when i can finally buy "only" the most curated keepers. 

I cannot handle mine too, I've lost count of the number of books i have given away to my local library or friends who wanted. Because there is an X amount of space and Y amount of energy that I can expend, and the TBR and buying spiralled out of control ever since we had salaries and flipkart accounts. Had to get the reins back in control, remember preloveds and spendfasts! 

Side note : I'm THANKFUL for Kindle and libraries. 

Back in my schooltime i had a lovely relationship with my librarian, during college-time when i visited my local librarian, that uncle would tell me here's a "Lee Child" take it you will like it. I have such fond memories of workplace having a tie up with British Council and me taking every opportunity to be in that vast beautiful modern space. 

Buying was happiness. Hoarding never was. Libraries were sheer joy, always. I'd hold the days i spent with books dearly. Browsing through the library, meeting friends at "Ispahani Towers - Cafe Coffee day" but going an hour early so that i can go to Landmark and eye some coffee table or Cake Baking books! 

Today - as I finish eating a nice hot plate of rasam rice and pepper chicken and eye "Anna Karenina" from the corner of my eye - in an empty house - because the child has gone out with the family to a relatives place, i already know my agenda. I'm not home alone anymore, I'm with Vronsky, Stepen, Levin, Kitty, Anna and travelled to Russia, all within three hours! BLISS! 

But inspite of the love for books. Not too many, i remind myself, every single day!! 

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